Mandeep Phull

I have worked as a Technical Consultant with over 8 years’ experience designing and delivering large scale technology transformations in a wide range of industries, and am proud to be a Mental Health First Aider to support my colleagues and friends.

I have worked with a number of technology applications (analytics business intelligence, retail, talent, learning, HCM, payroll). My roles have also varied, I have successfully implemented a number of applications (some as the lead), created and delivered proposals to clients, and done a number of other roles including business analysis, training delivery and PMO/commercials. I have worked on many end-to-end solutions, successfully delivering innovative solutions to clients. By working in different roles with different technologies and in different industries, this has allowed me to gain a wider understanding of clients’ needs and delivering success in different capacities. I have most experience working in the business intelligence and analytics space which is getting even more interesting with the innovation of machine learning.

I am proud to be a Mental Health First Aider and as part of the IBM Mental Health Working Group seek to improve communication, awareness, and availability of help surrounding mental health. As part of this, I have delivered a number of presentations to teams and projects, and more so during the pandemic. I have also supported graduates and new starters via mentoring and set up schemes to do this, with a focus on those in minority groups including the BAME community.