Manuela-Lidia Grindei

I am currently a Senior Software Development Engineer at Vocalink International, a Mastercard company, and have been working on the back-end of a highly scalable and performant payments project, used by several big financial institutions from different countries.

I started my career in industry with an internship at Pentalog HighTech in Iasi (Romania), which I have completed successfully and was made an offer of permanent employment, which I accepted and worked full-stack on telecom, and flavours and fragrances projects for clients in France and USA. Then I was made an offer of permanent employment by Endava, and this was the first time I worked full-stack for UK clients in the insurance space. Endava paid for my OCPJP version 6 certification, which I passed with maximum score.

A recruiter headhunted me on LinkedIn for a software developer position with Gamesys London and I was heavily involved there in the back-end of some highly successful bingo, slots and poker games. My first role in London enabled me to greatly expand my technical skills and participate in technical meet up communities, which later led to my role in the Expert Group for JSR-354, being chosen a Security and Release Champion for my team at work, and giving internal and external trainings on topics I was passionate about (TDD, Docker, Continuous delivery, OWASP Top 10, Java basics to name but a few).

After attending one of their Women in IT events, I was made an offer by JPMC London, where I worked on the back-end of an equities swaps platform handling the whole swap lifecycle from Middle Office and Front Office perspectives as well as a product providing desk-specific reports & downstream feeds for securitized products. It was the first time when I worked in global teams, and was involved in the development of these products at all stages.

In my free time, I frequently volunteer as a tutor for code clubs (WizzieWizzie and CoderDojo) and Maths lessons (Action Tutoring), a mentor for students, women and black people who are interested in a career in technology (SMF, Brightside, BlackValley), as well as a judge for CREST awards, Nuffield reports, SMF personal statement and CV checker, and from this year BIEA awards.