Mari-Ann Ganson

I am Co-founder and Director of Envirocache Ltd, with one of my friends.

Envirocache is a mobile app which functions as a nature treasure hunt, helping to get children outdoors and active, as well as teaching them about their world, using technology. The app was originally created 5 years ago to enter into the Apps for Good competition in 2015. Unfortunately we did not make it to the UK final, but decided to persevere.

Envirocache was partnered with Interface and RGU began working on the app’s development. We are now independently paying a student to complete the app and hope to launch it later this year. Within Envirocache, I manage marketing and general business admin. I plan to also lead in delivering talks about Envirocache’s benefits to our target audiences closer to our launch. Through Envirocache, I have been lucky enough to win several awards, most recently being a Young Scotswoman of the Year finalist.