Maria-Alexandra Radu

Alex is a software engineer and product marketing professional working in the Public Cloud services organization for JP Morgan Chase & Co.

She is also the communities of practice manager for the Bournemouth location and a strong advocate for diversity in tech. Alex is committed to life-long learning and is currently enrolled in a part-time MSc Computer Science at University of Bath.

Alex’s passion for computer science started with her mom, when she was a little girl and visited her workplace where she used to code in FoxPro while she worked for a car manufacturing company. FoxPro was a very old text-based procedural programming language and database management system but it fascinated Alex how she could talk to computers. Her mom began teaching her about talking to machines by writing code on a typewriter, the beauty of the computer was that she also had Kong installed and that made Alex curious about creating games from code.

As the years passed she then chose to learn computer science in middle school and started with Pascal, which was similar to FoxPro. Today she giggles at experimenting with programming languages from before the internet age, like the ones used when she was younger and realizes that basing her undergraduate thesis on retaining and recruiting women in STEM. Pursuing a master in computer science to study HCI and machine learning is just coming full circle from that young girl that thought her mom was making magic while programming. Alex is currently working in public cloud and helping make the same kind of magic she was inspired by so many years ago.