Maria Luciana Axente

Growing up in a small village in Transylvania,Romania, Star Trek and Star Wars was my window into the future and a world where technology has helped enhance humanity.

It was what drove my passion for technology as a driving force in human flourishing. And my Mum was my day to day inspiration, she still is, with her passion for maths, physics and science too ( she was also my math teacher and one naming Alan Turing the first white hacker in history). So no wonder I ended up specialising in Computer science during high school ! But then I go detoured to business studies in my undergrad and later for my MBA. I wasn’t running away from tech, I was curious to explore it from a different perspective, in the wider context and how can we use it to deliver tangible value. In every job I had after graduation, technology played an important role – I was involved building new systems and platforms from scratch, optimising adoption of current ones or launching of new digital tools, websites, artist recruiting platforms. Even setting us my own luxury fashion retail store meant I needed tech to make it shine!

Upon graduating the MBA programme, I have joined Cognizant, and sealed my relationship with tech as a consultant. I was lucky to have played multiple roles there from business analyst, to programme lead, scrum master and digital transformation and strategy expert (launched the firms global offering to DT and mobile strategy).And then in PwC, I go to experiment event more diverse technologies, from crisis management tech to AI. And here is where now, I get to bring the best of my experience and expertise in business and tech in supporting our clients design and deliver truly responsible AI, from governance to strategic ethics to fairness, transparency and security considerations. In the background, I act as AI for Good Lead, with a mission to support and empower those owning problems around United Nations Sustainable Development Goals solve those using AI technology, standards and framework to achieve scale and impact.