Entering the workplace, I have always had a passion for financial services and the type of innovative and future-looking work that they do.

However, the more I worked with clients, the more I realised that the most impactful way of marking a change in such large scale organisations is through adopting new technologies. This led me to the conclusion that in order to succeed in Financial Services and deliver the type of work I want to do, I needed to rapidly upskill myself in new technologies. And as I started to learn more about the technology and what it’s capable of, the more I started loving working with it. That’s how I got into the field.

Working within the financial service technology space has resulted in me being one of the founding members of the Digital Platform Transformation team. “Digital Platform Transformation” (DPT) is a rapidly growing area of consulting that helps clients deliver innovative propositions and disruptive business models through the use of cloud-based technology platforms. In banking alone, it is estimated to become a ~£12bn global market by 2027. Since its foundation, I have worked on all PwC’s major Digital Platform Transformation programmes, which have been some of the firm’s most innovative, high-profile and complex projects, including MCA award-winning engagements with Starling Bank and British Business Bank. In the last 12 months alone, this included building a new greenfield lending business called Sunflower, designing a greenfield SME bank across Southeast Asia, and launching a new financial wellness app across the US. I also leverage my digital platform experience to support the development of reusable IP and sales assets. I have been instrumental to the development of our key Digital Banking initiatives, including building out business and personal banking use cases for Tysl, an accelerator underpinned by Salesforce, and Copper, our Microsoft-powered asset.

Another one of my focus areas is to spearhead a number of major initiatives aimed at building out the Digital Platform Transformation community. As People Lead, I set up a team dedicated to re-energising our community. I am responsible for associate recruitment into the team, attracting some of the top talent.