Marianna is passionate about putting people at the forefront of technology and regularly challenges the status quo. She brings a new dimension to the leadership techniques needed both now and in the future.

After graduating with a degree in Computer Science at the University of Surrey, Marianna joined BAE Systems Digital Intelligence and started her career as a Technical Test Consultant. She quickly progressed to Test Team Lead and when Agile ways of working were being adopted by her projects she took the opportunity to become the first Scrum Master in her area. From there, she progressed into the Project Manager role for the teams she was once a member of. After taking the opportunity to lead an internal ways of working transformation to DevOps (and subsequently SAFe) Marianna’s passion for people-first leadership and continuous improvement was ignited.

Marianna currently works in an Agile Coach and Culture Lead role, striving to help Agile teams perform at their best and helping to create a positive and productive workplace culture. Marianna believes that the most successful teams are those who are the happiest and so she provides coaching and mentoring to help teams create an working environment where all feel included, supported and empowered. She also works with individuals to help them realise and unleash their potential.

Marianna is committed to building a future where the ‘people first’ approach and positive attitudes she promotes today are considered the norm and are the foundation upon which all leadership is based.