Leveraging technology to advance societally valuable work and aims has been a consistent thread throughout my career, and I’m pleased to have the opportunity (and flexibility in my day job!) to dedicate 2 days per week to lead development of our open source technology solutions at Speak Out Revolution – Tech For Good dedicated to cancelling the culture of silence on workplace harassment and bullying so we can create truly inclusive workplaces globally.

From the early days of coding in my first role to advance computational models for weapons effects calculations supporting UK Defence, to implementing strategic investment decision making software in organisations managing critical national infrastructure across Europe. The transformational role technology plays in solving challenges for work and society is something I wanted to bring to the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion opportunity that exists in our workplaces.

Speak Out Revolution, powered by volunteers from around the world, develop and host open source technology providing evidence based, data driven insights to HR professionals, EDI professionals and campaigners who dare to make a difference for more inclusive working.