Marija Milojevic

I am a Senior Consultant in the financial services sector with extensive client work experience in consulting.

My areas of expertise are forensics, customer analytics, data modelling, insights development, smart planning, automation. My main research interests are the Machine learning, Internet of Things, dynamical systems and intelligent optimisation of large-scale systems resulting in 15+ publications in leading scientific fora. I am a passionate mathematician with a doctoral degree in the area of artificial intelligence and experience in applying machine learning algorithms and optimisation methods on big data sets to solve various problems.

I enjoy working in a busy, ever-changing, dynamic London City and solving the every-day challenges of our clients, but also thinking of, and projecting, their business future. I am very self-motivated, work inspired, curious and analytical. I find the inspiration for my work in the client’s satisfaction and always keeping in mind the self-reputation and the reputation of the company I am representing. Everything I do career-wise is always on the highest standard.

In my spare time, I love reading books, running, doing cross-stitch, pilates, cooking, playing the piano. I am generally very friendly and supportive of others, both male and female colleagues.