Marisa Martin-Fernandez

I have a BA in physics, which I carried out in Spain.

I was awarded an extraordinary international fund to come to the UK to work on a PhD to develop technical skills relevant to building Synchrotron Radiation beamlines. From the Synchrotron Radiation Department in Daresbury Laboratory I joined the Central Laser Facility in 2008 and moved to the Research Complex at Harwell in 2010. During my PhD I fell in love with biology research and developed a lifelong passion to understand the molecular mechanisms underpinning the onset of cancer. In order to undertake cancer research, I trained in cell biology and microscopy, and the combination of these skills has been key to allow me to carry out multidisciplinary research that help me to realise the impact on cancer research of new microscopy systems with ever greater resolution. I am currently a Group Leader in the Central Laser Facility and have a visiting Professorship in the Division of Cancer Studies, King’s College London.