In her spare time, Mariya enjoys singing in a female choir of 60. In addition to feeling like the world’s biggest girl band, Mariya loves being surrounded by bright, inspirational and supportive women. This mirrors the supportive environment Mariya has built for her team at Unruly, where her passion for technology is combined with her love of mentoring.

Mariya’s fascination with media was forged in childhood during many hours of enjoying 90s television. During her degree studies, she focused on the theory of audiences and the way they interpret videos, making her a natural fit for Unruly.

Joining as an intern in 2012, Mariya today leads Unruly’s UK Account Management and Campaign Management teams to deliver digital video campaigns across the Unruly marketplace. Mariya is currently taking part in News UK’s Emerging Leaders Programme.

For most of her team, Unruly is the first step in their professional development after university, and Mariya loves to help junior members find a voice within Unruly, and encourages them to lead on projects and discover their strengths.