Marsha Lewis

In 2001, I joined Fidelity International as a Firewall Engineer and over the years my career path has led to my being the Global Project and Finance lead for the Enterprise Network Services team.

During my time as Firewall Engineer, there was always something to learn or develop. Much of my time was often spent troubleshooting issues or if I was lucky, a new technology will result in learning and being allowed to onboard the new technology. The drive to learn new about new technology led me to being more active within the Project Delivery workstreams and as my experience grew within this space, my responsibilities to help others also increased. Over the years, I have always assisted our junior engineers and in team apprentices to develop their skills.

My experience over the years have helped me being a Global Project and Finance lead where I am managing a large team for many strategic projects and assisting with the financial budgeting. I enjoy the fast-paced working environment and seeing my teams project delivery successes making a real difference to our internal and external clients.