Martha is a woman who is not letting gender define her tech career. Her journey has seen her use her software skills and understanding of people to see her escape political unrest in her home country and to overcome workplace bias towards her as a woman and as a Latina. She is an incredibly positive role model for the future of women in tech.

Martha sees that being a woman in tech still makes you the exception, not the rule. Her belief is that to change in the industry starts with each companies actions. Martha pushes for real commitments from her employers to change the culture before diversity debt settles in. As Engineering Team Lead, Martha fosters a balanced team where everyone is respected, can have opinions and be listened without prejudice. At Paddle, she actively seeks out and consider the employment of minorities – invoking more women and the wider representation of ethnicity and the LGBTQ community – as the company scales quickly.

Martha’s own passion for software stems from a childhood obsession with Lego in Venezuela. After graduating from university, Martha became an entrepreneur in order to make enough money to escape the country’s political unrest. Once in London, Martha worked for companies such as LonRes and WorldFirst. At WorldFirst she was quickly promoted from Software Developer to Engineering Lead (6 months), where she managed a team of engineers and coordinated on big projects. At Paddle, she has made a significant impression as a well-balanced and enthusiastic manager who understands the needs a high-growth company and the individuals she manages.