I was born in Poland and, at the age of 5, moved to Sweden where I grew up. In high school, I studied the International Baccalaureate, which is where my interest in technology started. As well as doing photography and recording and editing videos in my free time, I photographed for the student union and was responsible for social media for our drama and music club. Additionally, I wrote my final assessment on the history of McDonalds advertising and the shift to digital media in the advertising industry.

After graduating with a score of 37/45, 9 points above world average, I started my studies at King’s College London, studying a BA in Digital Culture – a course exploring technological development and its impact on economics, politics, social relations and personal life. Through my course, I have researched and written about topics such as the history of mobile networks, digital globalisation and digital economy and am in the process of becoming a subject ambassador
Since February 2018 been interning at a global management consultancy, working for their marketing department with a specific focus on digital marketing. I have built social media campaigns, webpages and written social media guides as well as created templates for social cards, advised on current social media trends and been an overall support for the team.

In my free time, I have for 4 years been involved in the European Youth Parliament, where I spent 2 years as a board member responsible for PR and Marketing for the southern region, and have attended multiple sessions as a media team member working on creating and coordinating creative output using the adobe suite and promoting the sessions using Facebook and Instagram as well as blogs and websites.