Marwa Adawy

With a background in software engineering, Marwa stepped into the world of a startup Fintech firm bringing along several years of software development experience and quickly became an instrumental part of the company’s success since its inception in 2015.

In her role as Technology Lead at Yielders, Marwa serves a dual role; technical powerhouse and business development pioneer. As a certified Scrum Master, Marwa has spearheaded the development of Yielders’ innovative technology platform, which brings ethical investment opportunities to people all across the world from as little as £100. A true polyglot across a number of technical disciplines, Marwa brought her wide-ranging expertise to the company and her tenure has seen a number of young graduates flourish under her guidance.

Marwa’s role hasn’t been limited to the back office, however. Her broad expertise has seen her occupy a role between the technology and front-facing sides of the business. She is instrumental in areas such as business development, marketing and investor relations. She particularly serves as an inspiration to women who are hesitant or wary of investing, offering a friendly face and a fresh perspective on the experience of investing. In doing so, she broadens the scope of Yielders’ product, bringing ethical investing to people who otherwise might not have considered it as an option for them.

In short, Marwa isn’t your stereotypical FinTech personality. She has been ranked in the Womani Top 100 most Influential Women in Islamic Business and Finance 2019 powered by CambridgeIFA, and has featured on the ‘Women in Fintech Powerlist’ too, testament to her growing influence among her peers. Serving as a role model for those traditionally underrepresented in technology and finance, Marwa undoubtedly paves the way for a more diverse and dynamic FinTech industry.

Alongside her flourishing career in technology, Marwa is also a busy mother of three; juggling raising a family without compromising on her career or her role as a mother.