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Disparities in Tech go deeper than we think. It’s not only reflected in the positions we hold or the recognition we do or don’t receive but it’s also in the products or services that we consume particularly in podcasts.

Podcasts are one of the newest media platforms we use to create and share information with others across the world whether it’s the latest in entertainment news, health, finance, or a plethora of other countless topics.

But not all communities are able to enjoy or capitalize from content at the same rate as other groups, particularly the African American Community.

Statics show that the engagement rate of podcasts of any kind among African Americans is widely unproportionate compared to other groups with 64% not familiar or disengaged with the podcast medium.

So, the big question is where do the underrepresented go to take part in this rapidly growing pastime?

Alive-podcast-network-logoThe Answer: ALIVE Podcast Network – Where Community, Culture & Creatives Live.

Award-winning media executive’s Angel N. Livas’ previous career in TV is propelling her to fight one of the largest disparities for minority creatives with the ALIVE Podcast Network. ALIVE prides itself for innovating a unique, user-friendly experience regardless of if you’re a host or a subscriber.

What does that mean?

  • ALIVE shows are available on all podcast directories (w/ads) – Not only are available on the ALIVE Network, but they are shared through the widely known platforms such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, and more.
  • ALIVE subscriptions feature Ad FREE listening – Listen to your favorite shows uninterrupted with the elimination of ads.
  • 50/50 rev share with hosts – ALIVE is splitting the profits from all shows down the middle with an even 50/50 split (based on fan selection)
  • We provide our hosts proper podcast training – ALIVE offers tool and education needed to run host their own podcast (fee applies*)
  • Each host has an in-app e-commerce marketplace – Hosts have the opportunity to share and sell their merchandise through ALIVE’s exclusive in-app e-commerce marketplace.

These benefits are available on their exclusive app for iOS, which recently launched in November 2022 (The Android app will be available on December 8). For as low as $4.99 per month, users have access to their favorite ALIVE shows ad-free!

With the industry projected to be $95 billion by 2028, ALIVE Podcast Network is already ahead of the curve by positioning all participating creatives to excel.

Angel-LivasAbout the author

Angel N. Livas has an extensive career in media spanning two decades and has worked with some big names including Larry King and Jane Pauley. Her role in the media inspired her to bridge the gap between content creators, and the protection of their content.  Since being founded in March 2022 the platform has been nominated for major awards, including a NAACP Image Award for the show Under Construction with Tamar Braxton and received a Communicators Excellence Award for the podcast The Devil Is a Lie.