From the moment I embarked on my dual degree in Computer Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Koç University, I was captivated by the transformative power of technology. This passion fueled my academic journey, leading me to earn two Senior Project Awards in 2019. The first was for a smartwatch that could detect Atrial Fibrillation using deep learning models, a project that combined my love for technology with a desire to make a real-world impact. The second was for a visual question answering tool using the GQA dataset, a testament to my dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in tech.

My enthusiasm for technology extends beyond the classroom. I’ve thrived in the competitive environment of hackathons and competitions, where I’ve had the opportunity to apply my skills to real-world challenges. I was a finalist in the Dev Academy competition, where I developed a machine learning solution to address customer-advertisement mismatches. I also contributed to the creation of SociBoard, a mobile chat app for travelers, during the IGA – Turkish Airlines Travel Hackathon. We secured third place, a proud moment that underscored the power of technology to connect people.

One of my most significant achievements was representing Turkey and the Middle East and Africa Region at the Microsoft Imagine Cup World finals. My team and I developed Proland, a machine learning solution integrated into a mobile app to help farmers use land more efficiently. This project was particularly close to my heart as I come from a family of farmers and have witnessed firsthand the challenges they face. Proland was not just a technological solution for me; it was a way to address a real-world problem that I had personally encountered. This project embodied my belief in technology as a tool for global change and underscored the potential of tech solutions to make a tangible difference in people’s lives.

In 2019, I joined my current company, first as a Summer Analyst and then as an Analyst. Then I’ve been promoted to Associate Software Engineer role. Here, I’ve been able to merge my passion for technology with the dynamic world of finance, further expanding my skill set and demonstrating my adaptability.

My journey in technology has been driven by a relentless passion for innovation, a commitment to solving practical problems, and a desire to make a positive impact. As I continue to explore the limitless potential of technology, I am excited about the possibility of being recognized by the TechWomen100 awards, an honor that aligns with my dedication to pushing the boundaries in the tech sector.