Mercedes Samavi
My background has never been pure tech – I did a law degree at UCL and went straight into a law firm (Morrison & Foerster) in 2013. However, since I was a kid I always found myself drawn to technology, whether it was designing my first web page as a teen, or watching my dad build his own computer from scratch (and learning how to do some basic soldering in the process). Ultimately, an interest in tech and a legal career were two separate streams that only really converged when I had to choose a law firm for my training contract. MoFo is a leader in tech law, with major industry clients as well as serious start up contenders, and working there gave me a legitimate reason to keep up to date on technological developments, while progressing as a solicitor. Since 2013, I’ve helped advise a variety of MoFo clients (including Accenture and Oculus) on a wide range of commercial and technology matters, including outsourcing, technology infrastructure and digital transformation projects, licensing, development and distribution agreements, e-commerce, intellectual property and social media, as well as privacy and data protection matters. I also provide support in relation to the intellectual property and technology aspects of corporate and M&A transactions.