Merici Vinton

Merici Vinton is a co-founder of Ada’s List, a forum for women in technology in London and globally.

She got her start in tech on the Obama New Media team during the 2008 election. After the campaign, she wanted to help bridge the gap between government and people — and figured websites and citizen-centric technology was a great place to start (nothing like picking an easy battle, eh?). Merici built the web team for the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and led the successful and praised launch of Her work is featured in a cover story of Businessweek, as well as the New York Times, CNN, and more.

Merici now runs Ada’s List and previously she was at Fjord, Accenture’s Innovation and Design agency, IDEO’s OI Engine and was a freelance strategist in London. Her projects included prototyping a new BBC online experience, launching Gordon and Sarah Brown’s global education campaign + leading digital for Malala Day.

Merici lives in east London with her husband and kids.