Meryem Tahar

While studying Computing at A-Level, Meryem was encouraged by her teacher to study Computer Science at University.

She had originally applied to Psychology but after studying Computing decided that her interest had piqued and she could make a difference with technology. Meryem went on to study Computing with Management (with a year in industry) at the University of Leicester. During her Year in Industry, Meryem’s placement was at the Science and Technology Facilities Council, based in Scientific Computing and this is where she learned the importance of data. Through this experience, Meryem went on to study an MSc in Data Science at the University of Sheffield.

Once she completed her Masters, Meryem joined JP Morgan Chase graduate program as a Software Engineer in the Cloud Team. This is where Meryem’s journey and interest with diversity & inclusion started and where she met some incredible technologists. After two years, she moved down south to Leeds and joined The Data Shed where she worked as a data engineer for a year and a half. Here she learned more about analytics and was able to combine her prior knowledge as a developer with her data science role. The opportunity equipped her to look for new opportunities within the data field and this is how she joined BAE Systems Applied Intelligence where she now works as a Data/Software Engineer. She has now been with the company for almost 2 years and has thoroughly enjoyed working with the different clients and the solutions that she has been able to offer them.