Michelle Baeten

I am currently working in PwC as a Salesforce (Software) Consultant.

I finished my Masters in Computer Engineering in 2007 and started working in a High tech electronics company in the Netherlands, providing high level troubleshooting for lithography machines used in the semiconductor industry to produce computer chips. I did this for 5 years, spending 1 year in Taiwan to set up and lead a new Development & Engineering team. In 2012 I moved to the UK to live with my (British) Partner. Because there were no jobs related to my work experience I had to restart my career and took an entry level Technical Services Engineer / DBA (Database Administrator) role in London. From there I grew my career in Software support and development and 2 years later I started my first Software Consultant role. I am now still working as a Software consultant but get involved in various capacities for example Software Developer, Architect, Pre-Sales Engineer and Tech Lead. I also volunteer for Supermums, an organisation that trains mothers (and fathers) and prepares and helps them finding flexible roles working with Salesforce. I am involved as a curriculum developer, trainer and mentor. Recently I have taken some time off for maternity leave and getting diagnosed with cancer (unfortunately both at the same time), but I’m back to work now and even more passionate about working in tech as for me it provides the flexibility and a great work life balance that I know so many women would like in their job.