I attended an all-girls school in South Africa, where we were encouraged to pursue the sciences. Whilst at high school, I was a founding member of the ‘Computer Club’ where we learnt to code in Basic. After finishing high school I studied a BSc degree at Rhodes University in South Africa, majoring in Maths and Physics. Throughout my university career I tutored students in Maths. I joined an Engineering firm immediately after leaving university, and whilst there became passionately interested in the work done by the IT group, particularly systems design. I started looking for a role in that field and subsequently joined Oracle in South Africa as a consultant. In the mid-90s I traveled to England to undertake contract work and travel around Europe. I contracted as IT Architect & Designer for a number of years mostly in the telco sector, learning about mobile networks which I found fascinating. One such contract was with BTCellnet. After contracting with them for a few years they offered me a permanent job as Design team lead for the OSS (Operational Support Systems), closely working with the Mobile Networking teams. The work was intellectually challenging involving a detailed understanding of mobile network technology to ensure that the systems I was responsible for could support network engineers’ requirements. Through subsequent years, BTCellnet evolved into what is today known as O2 UK, part of the Telefonica group. I have held a variety of roles ranging from Design Manager, Delivery Team Manager, Project and Programme Management. My current role is as Programme and Portfolio Manager delivering new capability to the Business, largely focused in the Cyber Security and Legal & Regulatory areas. I am also an active member of the Women’s Network, with particular focus on the ‘Women in Technology’ work stream.