Mira Zorkot

Mira is a high-performing financial modeler committed to achieving technical excellence and paying it forward.

Her curiosity for science throughout school led her to complete a degree in Physics & Mathematics with a major focus on programming. Interested in the coherence between science and technology Mira completed a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Oxford. During her PhD she focused on nanotechnology field particularly unresolved problems in nanopores used in DNA sequencing. Using computer simulations, Mira managed to address pending challenges around DNA sequencing in nanopores since 1969.

Mira’s dedication to developing her expertise in technology while tackling real-life human-impacting problems has led her to become a quantitative strategist at Goldman Sachs. In this role, Mira develops exotic pricing models, and analytics across asset classes. She leverages her technical skillset to implement the best and efficient pricing models, quoting tools and risk management systems for the business and its clients. Operating in a fast-paced environment, Mira has to proactively anticipate market structure changes and opportunities, as well as quickly react to sudden market events. To do so, Mira continually seeks out opportunities to upskill and remain apprised of new technological advances to build sustainable, robust systems for her clients.

Coming from a village in Lebanon where there is no focus on women’s education or skills (especially in science and technology), and through pursuing degrees and a career in an historically male-dominated industry, Mira developed a determination to address the gender diversity challenge facing STEM industries and the society. At work, Mira is a passionate mentor and provides technical coaching to junior women. She participates in bespoke recruitment events to encourage women to pursue STEM careers and is a member of CodeBrave, an association that delivers technology education to marginalized children in Lebanon. CodeBrave helps prepare them for the world of work; with many having experienced poverty and conflict she also focuses on incorporating trauma psychology into their STEM curriculum. Mira also helps raising funds every year for EMpower, a global non-profit focused on empowering marginalised youth in 15 Emerging Markets, and more particular girls and young women. In addition, through university and school events, Mira meets with women in the UK and Lebanon to help them maximize their education, offer guidance, and ensure there are no hurdles stopping them from career in technology.