Mivy James

I started my career as an IT professional whilst studying computer science & maths at university having landed summer jobs as a coder.

Over 25 years in the tech industry i have incrementally transitioned from being an analyst / programmer through a system design / architecture / team leading career path to become a technical strategy advisor to large government IT programmes. I have been Head of Consulting at BAE Systems since 2014 and have recently reinvented myself to be Digital Transformation Director. I am responsible for over 150 tech consultants and advise government CTOs and their teams on their digital transformation.

I am the founder and chair of my company’s gender balance network and partner with government departments on their gender balance initiatives.

I regularly speak at technical conferences both as a key note speaker and panelist. Most recently I chaired the opening day of a large virtual conference. I am particularly proud that i took this multi-day event with 50+ speakers from being an all-male line up to having multiple female contributors each day by challenging the organisers and raising the issue with a senior male ally who was also speaking at the event.