Mollie Chard

“Diversity of thought is so important”

Mollie has always had a passion for technology. She began her tech career in technical support, fixing computers for a university. She later developed an interest in cybersecurity and moved into a security role, specifically an incident management and protective monitoring role in the public sector. Whilst in this role she launched a security awareness campaign, raising the profile of the industry and helping staff to better understand the technology they used. Mollie also mentored two younger individuals who were on a placement whilst studying for their degrees – both of which ended up choosing a career in tech/cyber. Her incident management/monitoring role was hands-on, giving her valuable technical and analytical skills, but she wanted to work in a role that allowed her to deliver security end-to-end in a management capacity. To make that move, she needed to get more experience in the less technical side of security; in assurance, risk management and governance. So Mollie moved to a new company, working in a risk management and assurance role within an operational security team. She upskilled herself with professional qualifications, such as CISSP, SSCP and CEH. By this point, this combination of experience, skills and qualifications enabled her to make the move into security management with Capgemini at the start of 2019 at the age of 26. Security management roles are typically male-dominated, so managing to attain and thrive in this position not only as a woman, but at quite a young age (26) can be a challenge. In her current role, Mollie is part of a group who are driving gender diversity initiatives. She was also recently a speaker at TechUK’s Q4TheLoo conference, which highlighted female talent and raised the issue of gender diversity in not only the cyber industry, but the wider tech industry too.

Mollie has always had a passion for expanding her knowledge. She studied both an English degree and a Master’s degree in Philosophy alongside working. Cybersecurity (and the tech industry generally) is such a fast-moving, ever-changing industry that it demands constant learning, which suits Mollie perfectly.