Mona Faraji Niri

I have earned my PhD and MSc degrees in Control Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran in 2016 and 2011.

I was the recipient of the “exceptional talent graduate” scholarship for both degrees and graduated at the top of my class.

I started my career as a researcher in Iran university of Science and Technology, and then continued as a lecturer at Pooyesh Institute of Higher Education, Iran. At this time, I undertook cutting-edge research on modelling and control of Complex Dynamical Systems for energy system Applications. I then joined Warwick Manufacturing Group at University of Warwick as a researcher in 2018 where I am currently working as a senior researcher.

During my career I have been addressing various problems in the area of modelling and control technologies as well as machine learning for systems subject to faults, and uncertainties. I have developed mathematical analysis and proven multiples theorems for stability of such systems. I am particularly expert with the renewable energies, and energy storage systems including Lithium-ion batteries.