A Client Relationship Lead at AIMS Group advocating for transparency, integrity and equality.

Monica is an ambitious professional with an active understanding of the crypto within the tech industry. She aspires to be heading up her department with Head of Client Relationships role within the next 12 months.

She comes with a growth mindset and is a forever optimist in all things DeFi in increasing financial inclusion to the underserved. She has a proven track record of her client relationship management from start up, scale up to corporation, servicing retail to institutional clientele in a multitude of industries. She is a client champion and always represents the client with a voice in every aspect of the business. Her client first approach and her hard working ethic striving to deliver higher standards of service to the clients come across in her communications and energy at every interaction point through the customer journey.

Monica’s mission is to empower as many women to thrive in crypto or blockchain industry, which can only be made possible by providing a support network to the many women communities she is actively contributing to and also through her education contributions via her Medium blogs, and by hosting crypto webinars to the Vietnamese community.

Monica is fully immersed in the blockchain community, by actively supporting as an inaugural member of women networking groups to raise awareness of women in tech by empowering women through support and utilising her extensive network to build on their connections to further their learning and confidence.

Monica was also involved in actively recruiting for her company and implemented ideas on increasing the number of women in the company which grew from 20% to 33% in a year.

Monica also sits on the Financial Technology board at EUTEC https://www.eutech.org/. The European Technology Chamber (EUTECH) enables European businesses to use technology to benefit Europe and humanity. She actively contributes by sharing knowledge in panels and meetings.

Monica believes education and decentralised finance is the future for bridging the gap between the underbanked and underserved and the financial system to alleviate world poverty.

Monica is sharing knowledge and experiences through:

  • Crypto journey articles can be found medium https://medium.com/@monica_nguyen
  • Her written columns on the “Female Tech Leaders’ e-magazine https://www.femaletechleaders.com/digitalmagazine
  • Appearing on Eutech panels through webinars on digital inclusion and digital transformation.
  • Moderating online panels for cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses
  • Participating by presenting or speaking on online crypto, blockchain and women in tech panels