Mora Awosile is an integrity-driven Certified Information Security Manager with an outstanding career and experience in Information Technology, Digital Transformation, and Change Management. Throughout her career, Mora has worked in the charities, public and private sectors, serving in various roles such as Project Manager, Product Owner, Business Analyst, Delivery Manager, and Cybersecurity specialist. She has achieved notable accomplishments in her field, including the successful implementation of numerous transformation programmes, effective security strategies,
frameworks, minimizing risks and vulnerabilities within organizations.

Mora’s expertise lies in managing and delivering proactive threat defence across all environments, leveraging automation, artificial and real-time intelligence for optimal resilience against cyber security attacks. She possesses a holistic view of security, considering not only technology but also people and processes. Recognising the significance of creating a culture of security awareness, Mora continuously improves security practices at all levels of an organization.

Mora is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse range of qualifications in the field of technology and business. Mora holds a Masters’ in Business and Management and recently gained the ISACA Certified Information Security Manager certification which demonstrates her expertise in managing and overseeing information security systems. Mora is a Professional Scrum Master and a Certified SaFe4 Practitioner showcasing her proficiency in agile project management methodologies and scaling agile practices in large organizations.

Mora is a Prince 2 practitioner in addition to holding a Diploma in Business Analysis affirming her competence in managing projects according to the PRINCE2 methodology and her ability to analyse and improve business processes effectively.

In addition to her technical proficiency, Mora distinguishes herself through her change management acumen and proactive threat defence strategies. Her ability to blend these skills sets her apart in the field, consistently delivering measurable results and ensuring the protection of critical assets. Mora enables organizations to operate securely in today’s digital landscape.

Beyond her professional responsibilities, Mora is deeply passionate about the cybersecurity industry and actively seeks opportunities to enhance her knowledge and expertise. She engages with like-minded colleagues through speaking events, networking, mentoring, and sharing industry-related information. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, Mora contributes to the overall improvement of information security practices.

As a competent Toastmaster and speaker, Mora frequently addresses Cybersecurity issues at various forums. Her recent speech on “How organizations secure their ports and vessels” at Infosecurity Europe 2023 has earned her several accolades and prompted further invitations to speak at other events.

Mora demonstrates a strong commitment to volunteering. She serves as an apprentice board member on the ISACA London Chapter Board, responsible for member communications and website management. Furthermore, Mora has made significant contributions as an advisory board member of Career Nuggets.

Mora has recently been named as one of the esteemed Cybergirls 2023 mentors.

Outside her professional pursuits, Mora enjoys hobbies such as walking, swimming, and listening to motivational podcasts. Her commitment to personal growth and well-being complements her passion for cybersecurity and strengthens her ability to excel in her field.