Moriah Baxevane-Connell

Moriah Baxevane-Connell is from a small, rural town in Pennsylvania, USA.

During her time at university, she accidentally fell into the field of technology after taking a C++ module required for her originally-planned maths degree and was hooked. Throughout her remaining years in school, Moriah attended the life-changing Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC) twice, including presenting original research around women in tech-related fields of study in 2011.

After graduating with a dual degree in Information Science & Technology and Psychology, Moriah joined Microsoft as a Technology Consultant specialising in databases, reporting, and analytics. She spent almost five years travelling across the US and parts of Europe working directly with customers to implement, use, and create informative analytics from a multitude of Microsoft technologies. Craving a big life change, Moriah left Microsoft and moved to the UK to study for an MBA at the University of Oxford. She graduated in 2018 and joined Google’s London offices shortly thereafter as a Cloud Consultant within the Professional Services Organisation. In her current role, Moriah uses her background in tech as well as the foundational business knowledge from her MBA course to work with customers across Europe to optimise their usage of Google Cloud Platform.

Throughout her career, Moriah has remained very passionate and focused around promoting and encouraging women in technology – something that stems from her years as one of the only woman in her field of study at university. She was lucky enough to have three incredible female professors-turned-mentors during her time in school, and they gave her the incredible foundations on which to build her technology career. Through attending GHC during school, Moriah had the chance to experience the strong sisterhood across tech that was sometimes missing in her male dominated university classes. She went on to help lead Microsoft’s involvement in GHC for three years, and also contributed and co-led multiple Microsoft-internal women’s initiatives. She’s been a speaker at GHC twice – once to an audience of over 5,000 – to share her journey and provide advice for conference attendees on how to navigate the field of technology consulting. During her time at Oxford, Moriah was co-chair of the Women’s Leadership Oxford Business Network and spent the year continuing the conversation around women in STEM. Now at Google, Moriah has already become involved in women in cloud initiatives and mentoring groups, has attended and worked the Google booth at the Women of Silicon Roundabout conference, and has spoken at the Wonder Women Tech conference. With a ‘’pay it forward’’ mentality, Moriah is a mentor to multiple young women within technology, as she has (and still does) consistently leaned on her amazing mentors throughout her career.