Naomi Williams

I started my journey in tech a few years ago at a market research agency that specialised in UX.

Although I had a BSc in Psychology, I had been working in PR & Marketing, Brand Consultancy and Project Management for a number of years. Eventually I decided to work return to my Research roots using my degree in Psychology and a with love for all things tech, I started my journey as a UX Researcher.

I went on to manage the internal Usability Program at Kantar which encompasses all their products. I also decided to up-skill by learning more about the UX design process and acquiring design skills which include, wire framing and prototyping.

After 3 years in this role, I switched industries, moving from Market Research to Gaming & Sports. With a UX Design qualification under my belt, I work as the sole researcher across all products and verticals within the organisation with both the Design and Product Teams. On any given day, I can be working on both Strategic initiatives on the business road map that have a direct impact on the business KPIs as well as tactical projects that feed.