Narelle Height

As a firm we see the huge benefits of technology advancements, but at the same time a growing concern that parts of society will be left behind, particularly young people.

We want them to be the best possible version of themselves that they can be. PwC are determined and driven to make a difference by inspiring young people to become curious about technology, see its potential whilst boosting their confidence in its application and use.

Currently, I am the Senior Education Outreach Manager for PwC Channel Islands and have over fifteen years experience within the technology and educational sectors. I specialise in the design creation and deployment of the technology educational programmes which are internal and external to the firm covering topics such as coding, cyber security, artificial intelligence, VR and AR. I have an in-depth understanding and awareness of the national curriculum and business training requirements which allows me to create education and training programmes that cater to an organisation purpose as well as the educational sector as a whole. Since joining PwC in 2016, I have designed, developed and deployed Hive Academy – an education outreach program aimed at inspiring young people into careers in technology. I have directly taught more than 8000 students in over 250 schools since the program’s creation and upskillied over 450 teachers at the same time. I have also designed and delivered programmes for the Prince’s Trust and internally to colleagues on Cloud Computing and programming.

Previous to PwC I was a lecturer in Queen’s University Belfast, where I taught programming fundamentals and Android App Development to classes of up to 400. This was challenging and rewarding, especially due to the fact I was only one of two females in a heavily male dominated department. During my time in Queen’s I championed a lot of causes, including women in tech, the SWANN initiative and brough new and innovative ways into the department on how to deliver enriching learning experiences. During my time a Queens I also designed, created and delivered a teacher upskilling course in C# educating all the teachers in Northern Ireland on programming concepts. The material is now integrated into the GCSE curriculum within NI schools.

Prior to Queen’s University Belfast, I was a lecturer in Belfast Met, where I again worked with a high number of young people, often those on alternative pathways and those who were disillusioned with education. I strived to inspire them to believe in themselves, and coached and mentored them to succeed. I was the blended Learning coordinator tasked with improving the use of ICT within the classroom. I facilitated professional staff development workshops (June 2013) which involved the delivery of two formal staff training sessions on blended learning to all colleagues within the department. I was also the Barefoot Trainer(2012-2013) project manager (a programme by the British council focused on upskilling people on blended learning techniques for the classroom) and was responsible for the management of the project ensuring end deliverables were achieved, liaising closely with partner countries (Greece, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland) to ensure all objectives were met and created learning resources and content using Adobe Captivate for an ONC accredited course.