From programmer to database developer to data scientist, my journey has spanned several decades, three continents and several cultures. In my current role, I lead teams that deliver advanced Data Analytics for clients. What has not changed is my commitment to promote diversity in technology, given that I represent the minority as an Asian female. Specifically, I have seen several women hesitate to enter the technology space or withdraw from it due to a variety of reasons. As a woman returner myself, I have seen first-hand the tragedy of valuable talent being frozen out of reach. I feel strongly that anyone who wants to work in technology should be able to, and we should be actively engaged in tearing down any barriers.

I am part of two accelerated leadership programmes at my workplace and am using this opportunity to promote digital training as well as the diversity agenda. A case in point is my lead role in the design and implementation of technology career paths within the consultancy. I am on the Skills and Diversity board of techUK and lead a section of EY’s Women in Technology group. Deeply interested in the people agenda, I also help shape our Graduate and Digital Apprenticeship programmes. My strong communication background as a writer (newspapers, magazines) and in public speaking (as a leader of the non-profit Toastmasters) has been very useful along this journey.

As technology continues to transform our world, I am invested in the idea of developing teams that can thrive in the workplace of the future.