Natalia Jimenez

MSc in Biochemistry and PhD in Molecular Biology. I worked 14 years in R&D (1999-2012).

Since 2012, I have been developing my professional experience in consultancy and business development in the Life Science and Healthcare areas at international level. I enjoy tasks that offer variety and complexity. I love challenges and I address them in a very passionate manner. Highly intuitive, creative, and imaginative which are skills that allow me to innovate ways to develop new solutions, new business opportunities or to leveraging the existing ones. I have excellent communication skills and I’m naturally gifted for interpersonal relations. Especially talented to engage teams to pursuit an objective. With my great strategic vision, my solid life science background, and my extensive network, I easily get and nurture customer’s trust. I moved to the UK in 2016 to be closer to the life sciences innovation hub and created in 2020 the Atos’ Life Sciences Centre of Excellence in Cambridge.