I always knew that a) I want to be an engineer b) I want to make some money to be able to support myself.

Back in Russia in 1994 becoming a software engineer was the answer for both “a” and “b” so I studied and graduated from Aerospace Instrumentations Uni in St. Petersburg in Computer Science.

After graduation there were many exciting years of getting hands-on, practical and variable experience in software development. I worked for consulting companies, outsourcing software houses, insurance companies and banks. That period gave me loads of experience and now I understand why answer to any design and architectural question is “it depends”. The trick is no know what it depends on.

In 2015 I joined my current place of work, Bloomberg.
I joined as .Net Senior Developer and after two years moved to be a team lead and use C++ as main language. As you can imaging going from .Net 2018 stack to C++ 1998 stack was not an easy transition but with support of my team and company it was successful.

Currently I am running a team in Portfolio Management in Bloomberg. I really enjoy it because the product we are developing is very popular and we see the impact quickly but also there is space for new design ideas and technical innovation.