Having obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, Business Management and Language at The University of York, Natalie has spent fourteen years in the legal technology industry. At the beginning of her career, Natalie focussed on forensic technology, including the defensible collection and interrogation of electronic data. Since then, Natalie’s role has expanded to include assisting clients to efficiently review electronic data, and disclosing the data to other parties, such as regulators or the other side to a litigation.

Natalie has worked for a number of consultancy firms throughout her career, where she has gained experience across industry sectors, multiple jurisdictions and a wide variety of matters, including arbitration, litigation, regulatory inquiries and internal investigations. Natalie’s client base includes law firms, corporations, and government bodies. She has worked on matters involving multiple terabytes of data, cases where mobile laboratories have been implemented due to strict data protection rules, and two matters that have evolved from civil to criminal cases. As well as working on active projects, Natalie’s current role requires her to keep abreast of the changing technology landscape; both in terms of the technologies that her clients are likely to use in the future, and new technologies that can add value and/or increase efficiencies in her work.

Recently Natalie has been focused on tools that are powered by artificial intelligence, and how these can be used to analyse large datasets of both structured and unstructured data. She has spoken at a number of conferences and seminars, and enjoys demonstrating how these technologies present enormous opportunities for organisations to gain valuable insights from their data in a simple and cost effective manner.

Natalie is passionate about consultancy; understanding the issues that her clients are facing and employing her expertise in the technologies and methodologies to assist them.