Natalie Wellaway

I joined GSK in 2001 as a chemist, straight out of sixth form college, and during this time, have extensively developed my technology skills to achieve my scientific objectives, whilst also completing a part-time chemistry degree (1st Class Hons BSc).

As a scientist, I am passionate about employing the right technology to advance drug discovery programmes and have seen the benefits of doing so over a number of research programmes in different therapy areas.

Motivating the next generation of scientists to maintain global competitiveness in the pharmaceutical industry is vitally important and it is an area in which I am keen to play a key role. I have really enjoyed aiding in the recruitment of apprentices into R&D GSK chemistry, something which is relatively new to this part of the business and I also mentor many of our less experienced scientists.

Alongside my established career in science and technology, I am a busy mother of two. My children think that making new medicines for patients is very exciting and I aim to be a role model to my daughter for a future STEM career. I have a great work life balance in my career, that I know many women would like in their job and so I feel very privileged to be in a role that is so personally satisfying and one which hopefully can help patients who need the medicines we are trying to discover.