Natalja Rodionova

Natalja Rodionova, a management professional, has arrived to Cambodia from Latvia, EU in 2015 to run a branch of an international IT training centre.

With her professional background in management and marketing, she has pivoted her career to education and technology and has become an active community member, supporting the needs of the growing tech community in Cambodia, focusing on female empowerment. In 2019 she has established of the first coding club in Cambodia “Sisters of Code”, a non-profit educational program. By establishing a non-profit educational club, that provides coding lessons to the female students free of charge, she has created a new and innovative model for empowering girls and supporting their interests to learn coding to become active members of the digital economy, both growing their confidence and skills, by giving a unique opportunity to learn and get support from the like-minded people. Thanks to her energy and dedication, Sisters of Code club has been supported by the USAID, Development Innovations, as well as Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of Cambodia and the British Embassy. As the founder of the Sisters of Code, she has developed the vision of the organization, as well as built up a strong team of like-minded professionals and is now fully dedicated to scaling Sisters of Code in Cambodia.