Having a strong support system is crucial for personal and professional growth. Think of a personal boardroom as your advisory team, a group of trusted individuals who guide, challenge and support you on your journey.

These are not just mentors but a mix of people who offer different perspectives and expertise. By having a personal boardroom, you can navigate challenges more effectively, seize opportunities with confidence and achieve your goals more efficiently. It’s about surrounding yourself with a network of individuals who are invested in your success and who can provide diverse insights and advice.

Who should be on your board aka your circle of trust?

To create a well-rounded personal boardroom, it’s important to choose people from diverse backgrounds. Mixing up their skills and experiences will provide you with a broader range of insights. Here are some key roles you might consider:

  1. Mentor: Someone experienced in your field. They provide wisdom and advice based on their extensive experience.
  2. Coach: A professional focused on your development. They help you set and achieve your goals, offering strategies and feedback.
  3. Peer: A colleague at your level. They understand your current challenges and can offer practical advice and support.
  4. Connector: An individual with a wide network. They can introduce you to new opportunities and valuable contacts.
  5. Challenger: A person who questions your assumptions and helps you think critically. They ensure you’re considering all angles.
  6. Cheerleader: A positive supporter who boosts your confidence and encourages you to keep going, especially during tough times.

How to choose board members

When selecting members for your boardroom, be selective. Look for people you respect and trust. It’s essential to consider their availability and willingness to commit time to help you. Reflect on what you need now and what you might need in the future. The right mix of people will provide you with comprehensive support and guidance.

Benefits of a personal boardroom

Having a personal boardroom provides numerous benefits. You gain diverse perspectives, which help you make better decisions. You receive support during tough times, making challenges easier to handle. Your boardroom can open new opportunities, expanding your network and resources. They also hold you accountable, ensuring you stay on track with your goals.

Maintaining your boardroom

Maintaining effective communication with your board members is crucial. Show appreciation for their time and input. Keep them updated on your progress and be willing to adapt as your needs change. Ensure it’s a two-way relationship, where you also offer support and value to them.


Building and maintaining a personal boardroom is a strategic move that can significantly impact your personal and professional development. The process involves thoughtful selection, clear communication, and regular engagement with your chosen advisors. By assembling a diverse group of mentors, coaches, peers, connectors, challengers and cheerleaders, you create a robust support network that offers a wealth of knowledge, perspectives and encouragement.

This group not only helps you navigate your current challenges but also prepares you for future opportunities and obstacles. The diverse insights from your board members enable you to make more informed decisions, while their support boosts your confidence and resilience. The accountability they provide keeps you focused on your goals, ensuring that you continue to make progress.

The relationships you build with your board members can lead to new opportunities, both personally and professionally. These connections can introduce you to new networks, provide career advancements and even open doors to new ventures.

In essence, a personal boardroom is more than just an advisory group, it’s a dynamic and evolving support system that grows with you. By investing time and effort into building and maintaining this boardroom, you set yourself up for long-term success and fulfilment. Take the initiative to create your boardroom today and experience the transformative benefits of having a dedicated team committed to your growth and success.