Neha Rajesh

Knowing that technology has the power to create a better and more inclusive world for every human is what gets me out of bed every morning.

I work at Google, and my goal is to help small and large businesses in EMEA unleash the power of cloud technology through Chrome Enterprise. I entered the world of technology marketing 10 years ago with a ‘non-technical’ background, and within months, I was running our marketing efforts in niche technology areas such as Semantic Modelling, Insurance Telematics and Robotic Process Automation. In my previous role at Temenos, a banking software company, I was responsible for growth marketing and driving adoption of cloud-native and AI-driven software that makes banking better for over a Billion people worldwide.

Born in India and immigrating to the UK at the age of 20, I realized the value of having strong mentors and coaches in life who can unlock opportunities for young women in technology. I launched my own organization, WonderWoman to connect girls with women mentors in the tech space to support each other on their journeys in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am a regular speaker at schools around the UK for Year 12 to 14 students, to empower and inspire the next generation of female leaders. I am also an ambassador for ‘I Can Be’ and run school visits for girls aged 7–8 from underprivileged backgrounds to introduce them to the world of work. My mission is to open as many doors as possible for women and I take every opportunity within my sphere of work or in a personal capacity to drive this change.