Nerissa Arviana Prawiro

Nerissa is an award-winning User Experience (UX) designer, who is passionate about pushing boundaries to create innovative solutions to societal problems.

Originally from Indonesia, Nerissa grew up surrounded by the cultural heritage of arts and handicrafts where tradition and innovations are merged seamlessly, often resulting in ingenious solutions to everyday problems. Inspired by how locals in lesser developed areas create with very limited resources to produce sustainable solutions that are honest to their functions and bare necessity, she has developed a deep-rooted passion in product design, and specifically design and tech for social good.

Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, Nerissa explored her interest in tech for good by developing a wearable technology aimed at dampening wrist tremors experienced during the early onset of Parkinson’s disease, which earned her the international seal of excellence in design innovation, Red Dot Concept Design Award in 2014. With her passion in using innovative problem solving to help others, Nerissa has also won the longest running global competition for emerging designers – Royal Society of Arts (RSA) Student Design Award in 2017, for her designs of a smart renal diet kit that helps chronic kidney disease sufferers adhere to their prescribed micro/macro nutrients intake. It was through these achievements that Nerissa is now a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (FRSA), a prestigious award granted to individuals that the RSA judges believed to have made outstanding achievements to social progress and development.

Nerissa continued to explore her interests in product design through her internship and industrial placement in Mattel and F.A Porsche where she learnt about the fine art of designing for the consumer market, mass manufacturing of commercial designs and the key to successful designs: placing users first. This was what led her to User Experience (UX) Design.

At Goldman Sachs, Nerissa works as an internal UX design consultant, focused on designing user-centred, transformative solutions to solve complex enterprise problems, and improving the workflow and interactions of data-rich applications for different business areas of the firm. Having trained as an industrial designer, and through her previous design experience, she approaches UX problems as if they are engineering puzzles, tackling them through an iterative process of user-centred research and development. Internally, she consistently delivers globally-impacting projects to a high standard and is a passionate advocate for user-centred design in finance. She recently spearheaded the designs of a tool that captures single trade ideas within a proprietary database which has been launched internally to enhance sales workflow efficiency and monitise intellectual capital within equities sales. She also leads the university outreach programme to encourage design students to explore careers in the banking industry, and founded a UX training track to evangelise design amongst her peers. Having led a design thinking workshop for 90 professionals at the largest technology diversity conference in Europe, and taught women at the London job show how to manage their career and maximise their potential by applying of design thinking techniques, she is also firmly committed to paying it forward.

Outside of her main role in Goldman Sachs, Nerissa regularly collaborates with external engineers in her RSA community to discuss how technology can be used for social good and to address current societal challenges. She continues to pursue her passion project where she created a product that upcycles plastic waste into semi-finished material for artisan jewellery crafting, in an effort to reduce Indonesia’s bottleneck issues in waste management and provide income to local women in ‘last-mile’ communities. To bring her idea to fruition, she is participating in a jewellery making evening course.

Whether it is designing digital products that help with efficiency gains and ultimately an increase in ROI, or designing tangible products for social good, design thinking has been key to how Nerissa creates solutions.