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Tell us a bit about your network

Hire STEM Women (HSW) was founded by Tehreem Sheikh in November 2015 after realising a gap in the market for more female tech talent.  I especially found that firms did not have the time to give comprehensive feedback to students on where they were going wrong in the recruitment process, which is a crucial if you want to develop further in your career.

The challenges of a busy schedule coupled with lack of awareness & no network available for women in STEM at university level it was difficult for young women who wanted to progress in a technology career.

When you’re young you do not know what you want to do with your career and need direction. We have a network of 60,000+ STEM females (growing rapidly).  The team has a strong STEM background who partners with corporates such as Vodafone, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and several other large corporates.

What is your network’s prime objective?

Our prime objective is to help the STEM industry obtain a gender diversity balance but also retain the balance to ensure we are challenging mindsets, breaking barriers and building a diverse workforce globally.

How is your network helping women to progress in the workplace?

We provide 1-1 bespoke coaching to females in the STEM industry. We have specialist skilled teams who work with corporate partners and start-ups to identify diversity needs. We provide undergraduate, graduate & professionals with STEM opportunities and support them on securing internships, placements, graduate schemes and roles with various leading industry partner firms.

Thousands of HIRE STEM Women job seekers have attended events or have been given the confidence to pursue a career within STEM with Hire STEM Women since January 2016, across the UK. We also have a strong training platform where we train individuals in specialist STEM areas.

Tell us about your events?

We host a number of events throughout the year these range from providing women with specialist STEM skills such as coding skills equipping and preparing the future female tech leader, we also coach women to become future leaders which is equally important.

Pre-Covid we were doing over 60+ events throughout the year but with the digital era we have shifted our focus virtually.

What should we expect if we join?

Immense amount of support and training equipping you to progress the corporate ladder in STEM fields. Our platform allows you to speak to a “STEM hero” who are our professional work coaches confidentially allowing you to openly discuss your career concerns and allowing to exchange ideas and obtain support. We are your friends as oppose to recruiters.

How do our members join your network, is there a fee?

Members join our network by registering as a candidate on www.hirestemwomen.co.uk, there is no fee associated for a candidate, if an employer wishes to be a corporate partner they can get in touch with us at [email protected]

What advice would you give to anyone who is joining a network for the first time?

Be pro-active and keep in touch with your “STEM hero” keep them updated about your situation and follow the guidance the team give you as this will help you in your career in STEM. The network is a safe place to be open and honest about your concerns. The below is to give you a brief insight on how we have supported people

“My name is Samantha Smith and I have secured a job at Capgemini as an SAP Functional Specialist. I have to thank HireStem Women for their efforts for helping me through the process of securing this job – especially my coach Mary. I first received a call-in which Mary clarified the role I applied to and wanted to understand my business background and why I had a passion for a STEM career.

The first stage Mary coached me on how to write the perfect responses to the questions asked by Capgemini; we went back and forth on a few drafts until we were both happy with it and submitted. From this I got invited to a Digital Interview; in which Mary then provided me with a few questions I should practice on – and if I wanted – I could send her a video of myself answering so she could assess my body language and eye contact. This was extremely useful as I was unaware how important body language can be during interviews and the prompted questions really helped me understand what to expect. From this I passed to the next phase which was psychometrics – and this was a stage I was extremely nervous about. Mary helped reassured me and provided me with the right tools to prepare such as mock psychometrics.

I succeeded at attended the Virtual Assessment Centre and before this Mary assured me and provided me with a briefing on what would happen and what to expect. She also gave me a choice whether I would want to send her a video of me presenting to help me get comfortable with some of the tasks within the VAC.

Mary was extremely effective and efficient. During the waiting process of getting the final answer, she was reassuring and comforting, and she truly became a mentor and a friend. She was honest with her feedback and assured me that she wanted to see me progress whilst also keeping me motivated. HireStem Women have really helped me throughout this process – especially when my morale was quite low because of the difficulties that came with Covid-19 and the job market. But nonetheless they were positive, reassuring, inspiring and amazing at empowering woman to go get their careers. “

Any top tips for new networkers? Why is building your network important?

Networking is crucial it allows you to share ideas and concerns with a group of like-minded people. According to Forbes it makes you more noticeable, provides you with an avenue of newer opportunities which will open new possibilities, it gives you a chance to re-assess your qualifications and improve creative intellect. Having a support network from high profile individuals can help you challenge effectively and provide the right financial support if needed, you will grow in self-confidence and most importantly develop long-lasting relationships to help you build your career.

Finally, what’s next for your network?

We continue to expand and will be expanding in the European & APAC market.

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