This is Milk, a training and consultancy company known for its human-centred approach to digital transformation, invites early adopters to experience its ground-breaking online learning platform, Neve Learning.

With a neurodiversity-first approach, Neve Learning aims to meet the unique needs of all individuals, including those with dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism spectrum condition, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

This cloud-based Ed-Tech platform developed by This is Milk, revolutionises professional learning by providing a more inclusive and future-focused education framework.

Built on the principles of neurodiversity, Neve Learning acknowledges and embraces the differences in social preferences, learning styles, and communication methods among individuals.

“Everybody learns differently, and This is Milk has always believed in the power of inclusive training, tech and consultancy services,” said Angela Prentner-Smith, Founder and Managing Director of This is Milk. “With Neve Learning, we aim to resolve the drawbacks faced by learners and educators in the e-learning market, offering a platform that improves how people learn, regardless of their neurodivergence or past learning experiences.”

Neve Learning offers a suite of features that make teaching and learning more successful for everyone. It provides Learning Pathways, allowing learners to interact with course content organised into digestible chunks, acting as a roadmap for their progress. By embracing neurodiversity and incorporating an accessibility-first approach, Neve Learning sets out to transform the way training is managed and delivered.

Neve Learning is not limited by the number of users but instead has been built around the number of scheduled courses. This approach maximises budget by removing the risk of paying for licenses of dormant users. The pricing model provides flexibility for organisations to customise their learning needs. With flexible pricing organisations can pay per quarter depending on your usage, meaning you aren’t tied to any long-term financial agreement.

As an exclusive early adopter, users will gain access to unlimited scheduled courses, unrestricted user access, and flexible pricing through the early adopter scheme. In addition, enhanced support and a 60-day, no-obligation trial period will be provided. Early adopters will also have the opportunity to shape the future of Neve Learning through a seat on the Product Steering Committee.

This is Milk believe in accessibility and inclusive learning for all which is why Neve Learning can be utilised in all education levels, training organisations, charities and multinational corporations to name but a few. From early education to private sector firms, training providers, and government institutions, Neve Learning is designed to support learning in any environment.

Be an early adopter of Neve Learning

To take part in this exclusive opportunity, sign up for the limited early adopter spots before the closing date of July 14, 2023. Interested individuals and organisations are encouraged to contact the Neve Learning team directly at [email protected].