New York is the best city for entrepreneurs according to Dell’s ranking of the top 25 cities for supporting female entrepreneurs.

New York ranked as best city in world for female entrepreneurs with London coming in third (F)The list was compiled by characteristics such as capital (the number of women in a second round or higher investment cycle and percentage of investment firms with at least one female exec), technology, talent, culture (covering the prevalence of mentors, networks and role models) and markets (the percentage of women on boards and city start-ups run by women).
New York was followed by San Francisco with London taking third position. However, London performed well in terms of capital and market, but did not make the cut for culture, tech or talent.

According to the report New York was place in position sue to the fact that more female entrepreneurs there has access to capital through women-to-women funding groups, female accelerators and access to city policies that provide an equal playing field for women.

However, New York may have topped the scoring but it still only scored 58.6 out of a potential 100, suggesting even those in the top five have room for improvement.

The top ten was as follows:

1. New York
2. San Francisco
3. London
4. Stockholm
5. Singapore
6. Toronto
7. Washington, D.C.
8. Sydney
9. Paris
10. Seattle

“Cities that were really good in one or two things didn’t come out on top,” said David Ricketts, fellow at the Technology and Entrepreneurship Centre at Harvard.
Ricketts chaired a symposium, which launched the research earlier this year.

During the symposium she added: “Women in particular have to factor in additional costs such as childcare and elderly care expenses, which disproportionately fall to women to take care of and eat into their bottom line.”