Nicola Grantham

Prior to my career in technology I was a waitress at the local Wetherspoons pub. I had no qualifications, experience, I hadn’t even finished my A-Levels at School.

I was 17, at home and took a chance applying for an apprenticeship at Capgemini; I didn’t have the option of leaving to go to university and needed to earn money to support my family so an apprenticeship was the perfect opportunity for me to keep learning.

I applied for a IT Networks apprenticeship and unfortunately I didn’t get the role! But lucky for me the recruiters called back a day later with another opportunity in Live Services Configuration Management. I wasn’t really sure what that was at this point but I took a chance anyway and I am so glad I did.

I spent 3 years in Live Services Configuration Management, with time in Change and Release Management mixed in, whilst I completed 2 apprenticeships, one in Software Development and the second in Systems & Networking. This was such valuable experience and helped me figure out that I loved the Live Services part of being a CM but wanted to do something a bit more technical.

So I set about trying to research other roles and careers that might interest me and stumbled across Cybersecurity. Again, I didn’t seemingly have the right qualifications or experience but Capgemini took another chance on me and I have been in a Cybersecurity role for the past 5 years.

This started as a junior incident management role for a single account, progressing the a senior incident manager for multiple accounts, and now I am really grateful to have been given a new role to help create a new Anticipation & Planning function within Global Capgemini. I have been so lucky that I have been able to learn on the job and take appropriate courses that have helped me along the way and I continue to progress due to my creativity, attitude and willingness to learn.