Nicole Hardiman

I took my first tech job in 1998 where I moved from a manufacturing role to technically supporting the manufacturing process.

Since then I’ve worked in various technical areas from application support to databases and Business Process Management and in my last technical role I worked for an organisation creating 3D design software that was cloud based – being one of the early adopters of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud offering. At one point I was the only woman in the organisation, let alone the only lady in the team. However I’ve never let it stop me developing as a technologist or as a leader.

After that I found a real passion for helping other technologists grow and reach their potential, helping people understand what they’re capable of really drives me and to see the positive impact on that person and on their team is what gets me out of bed in the mornings!
I’ve been at Nationwide for just over 2 years, already being promoted from an engineering manager who looks after a single team to a senior engineering manager with responsibility over 4 teams. I’m responsible for engineers looking after the internet bank and the mobile app, looking at the future of our banking offering, our customer facing website and account openings. Ensuring we have the right people at the right time with the right skills to do the right thing. Not only that I’ve founded Women in Tech, Nationwide. A group for female technologists who support each other and understand what it’s like to be in a tech team where perhaps you’re the only woman and co-creator of a network of women mentors and mentees that we’re building across the south west in conjunction with other organisations, so we can get more women access to positive female role models to encourage them and help them in their career.

Outside of work I’m one of the founders of Swindon Inclusion and Diversity Network.