I lead Accenture’s Global FS T&O Technology Consulting, bringing 11+years of experience in HR transformations. As Solution Architect, I understand end to end solutions including data, integration, technical architecture and operational impacts. Innovation, the art of the possible and the future excites me!

Leading Accenture’s first end-to-end cloud SuccessFactors in 2012, built my skillset, enabling me to lead a project in Paris and then in London, where I have since decided to permanently transfer. Why risk leaving behind what I knew in the U.S. for the unknown in the UK? Well…why not? I decided to try something new and to be surrounded by a team of leaders who support my ambitions and long-term career objectives of continuing to innovate, create and work within the technology arena. It has not been easy, though the challenges form more of my character, showing my resilience and my adaptability.

People hold back because they fear failure. Brene Brown’s work around vulnerability and having the confidence to stand alone resonated with me whilst applying this thinking in the working world. The ability to fail and to feel comfortable being uncomfortable is the new ‘normal’ which many struggle. I don’t hold back and I don’t want others to either! I support individuals, teams, organizations as they shift to the new ‘normal.’ Behavioral change coupled with open dialogue and a supportive environment are keys to rotating to the new.

I seek opportunities to break down stereotypes around what ‘technology’ means. I create safe environments where people can explore new areas, often challenging their perceptions. I invest significant time in people to coach them to find their niche and to empower them to achieve their goals. I foster discussions with girls and women in technology to further expand their presence and support them as our future leaders.