My career so far has been far from plain sailing.

After attending university and achieving a degree in Fashion Promotion, I found myself falling into fashion and beauty PR, but it did not feel right. I never felt fulfilled or enjoyed my work and I found myself anxious with no motivation. I have always had a lot of interests and I thought fashion was my main one, but looking back I was wrong and I felt sad that I had gone to university for a subject I no longer aspired to work in.

At the age of 21, I took over direction and management of our family business, going on to be finalists in the Independent Gift Retailer awards 2017. We sold the company as a successful going concern and it remains a thriving business to this day. Realising I did not want to go back to the fashion industry, I took another management role in a specialty coffee shop in Canary Wharf whilst I thought about my career change. Working in Canary Wharf opened my eyes to the corporate world, which I had never thought about exploring.
In 2019, I saw an opportunity for a technology apprenticeship at Barclays and I saw this as the perfect way to gain a new qualification alongside hands-on experience in the workplace. I had a keen interest in technology, in particular cyber security at the time, and spent my spare time reading cyber security articles and completing activities in my GCHQ book. I successfully landed the apprenticeship and was placed in the Credit Trading Floor Support team in a projects role.

Understanding I would need to start from scratch again, this turned out to be the perfect fit for me, as I thrive from team work and engaging in both short projects as well as long, complex and challenging projects. At first it was daunting – I was the only female on the team for the first 2 years, and coming from the fashion industry, this alone was a huge change. However, I quickly settled in place and found my knowledge building rapidly. I passed my apprenticeship, gaining an Infrastructure Technician qualification. This consisted of an extensive portfolio demonstrating how I had applied my learnings in my job role, a week long independent synoptic project and 5 MTA and BCS exams.

Since then, I took on as lead of the projects and developed a love for team coordination, shortly going on to train 2 new members of staff over the course of 7 months to take over my projects role while I transitioned into an application support role. Since the beginning of 2022 I have received multiple formal recognitions, for ‘Excellence’, ‘Service’ and ‘Drive’.