Over eight months ago, I began working for a technology company, where I have been able to apply my skills and expand my expertise in various aspects of the field.

Before I joined this company, I completed my master’s degree in theoretical physics. Throughout my academic journey, I became increasingly captivated by the convergence of physics and technology, recognising the immense potential for innovation and problem-solving within this domain.

To gain practical experience in this field, I pursued an internship in the physics department at my university; I participated in a team project on semiconducting quantum dots in which I specialised in data analysis. I analysed data gathered from experiments that were being carried out during my training and investigated the effects of changing various parameters. I extracted meaningful insights and made informed decisions within my research group, which benefited the project’s progress.

During my undergraduate degree, I participated in two coding projects utilising Python. In one project, I learned to simulate the solar system’s behaviour, gaining a valuable understanding of the application of computational methods to the study of physical systems. I learned to simulate topological insulators in the second project using the Su-Schrieffer-Heeger (SSH) model. This project was quite complex, combining theoretical physics, advanced mathematics and coding.

Before embarking on my academic pursuits, I had the privilege of serving as a STEM ambassador, actively engaging with students in schools. As a STEM ambassador, I facilitated the construction of science experiments and fostered curiosity among the children. This experience allowed me to share my knowledge and enhanced my communication and interpersonal skills.

Throughout my journey, I have been driven by a passion for technology and motivated by envisioning its power for positive change. The rigorous training in theoretical physics gave me a solid analytical foundation and a systematic approach to problem-solving.

After a month of training at the technology company, I worked on a data analysis project for corporate clients for four months. I tested a model to achieve our client’s goals for renewing our contract with the client. Since then, I have been working on a new project in which I have been able to apply my data analysis and programming expertise to develop innovative solutions. These projects have allowed me to apply my interdisciplinary background and collaborate with a diverse professional team.