Olivia Sharratt

Olivia is a passionate and strong-minded individual who has the determination to forge a successful career in the male dominated IT industry.

Coming straight from A-Levels with an engineering background into the Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship with Capgemini in September 2017 was a big decision however Olivia knew that the traditional university route was not for her. In just under 2 years, Olivia has grown from not knowing the expectations of a ‘Test Analyst’ to learning that her acute attention to detail and curiosity to ask ‘why?’ are exactly the skills necessary to be successful in the role.

Following her initial 9 months working from the main hub in Telford, Olivia volunteered to relocate 200 miles from home to Worthing, West Sussex, for a major public sector client facing project. To prepare for the position Olivia taught herself ReadyAPI and SoapUI test automation tools using only online documentation and seeking advice from fellow employees. The outcome was one of Olivia’s proudest personal achievements. Employed in a very ‘ junior’ capacity initially for only six months, Olivia excelled and became a subject matter expert and was asked to stay indefinitely. This career move was the catalyst to her propulsion within her department and earned her respect not only from Capgemini but also from the client and on-site contractors.