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The sessions* featured on our stages are a mixture of live and recorded keynotes, Q&A panels and ‘In the Lounge’ fireside chats.

The stages will be divided into six tracks – Innovation, Emerging Technology, You and Your Career, and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. We also have an ‘In the Lounge, Career Conversations’ stage and an on-demand stage for individuals joining us from other global time zones.

All sessions and panels are being recorded and will be available for ticket holders to play on demand for a period of 30 days.

*The agenda is subject to change



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One Tech World - Innovation Agenda

08:00-08:30: Tech in the Future
with Ortis Deley, TV Presenter, DJ & Actor

Join Ortis as he pokes his head into the time-stream and tries his best to focus on the objects and tech we’ll be enjoying (or taking for granted) in just a few years along from where we are now.

08:30-09:00: Welcome and Thoughts on Driving Inclusion From Our Headline Sponsor, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence
with Theresa Palmer, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

Organisations have overcome all manner of challenges over the last couple of years but why is gender equity proving so problematic? We know and agree on the importance and impact of technology on the world around us and the critical nature of continued leaps and bounds in innovation. But do we agree on the importance of driving inclusivity into our organizations and how to best do that? Join me in opening up this fantastic event and allow me to indulge by diving deeper into exploring ideas on how we can move from talk to action and share the leaps and bounds technology innovation produces in the area of inclusion.

09:00-09:30: Artificial Intelligence – Friend or Foe?
with Tabitha Goldstaub MBE, Co-Founder, CogX

Tabitha Goldstaub MBE joins us to explain why AI is both a friend to embrace and a foe to be wary of. She’ll break down the tech-bro barriers offering a straightforward introduction to the topic and some guidance on how to make sure AI works for you – and not you for it! If your social feed defines your spending habits or you’ve downloaded the latest filter to see what you’ll look like when you are old or now connect with your doctor using an app, have applied for a job online or used your phone to arrive at work in record time, AI is playing a part in how you live, work and play. We live in an era where machines are taught to learn and act without human intervention and there are infinite possibilities to their applications. In this talk you’ll learn about the risk of these technologies biasing against and some techniques to navigate the current and future developments consciously. As well as explaining the risks Tabitha lays out the awesome benefits AI can offer. From spotting disease to tailoring education and tackling climate change the potential rewards are life-changing. Before she dives into AI she’ll start by taking us back to her childhood showing how a girl from a very non-technical background with no engineering training navigated the industry and ended up becoming a useful cog in the AI ecosystem driving a huge festival CogX and chairing the Government’s AI Council. She’ll then leave us supportive practical advice, 5 top tips and share an extensive list of books, films, courses and more for further exploration.

09:30-10:15: Panel: The Road to Net Zero
with Olivia Jamison, Partner, CMS; Emma Urrutibehety, Client Executive, Microsoft; and Dr Ruby Pillai, Founder, iWarranty

10:15-10:45: BREAK

10:45-11:15: The Future of Payments
with Jason Maude, Chief Technology Advocate, Starling Bank

How we pay for goods and services has undergone many step changes over the years and we are currently in the midsts of another one. This talk will examine how increased consumer demand for convenience and also control over the payment schemes comes together with forces within the industry that are attempting to drive prices down and attempts by the regulator to increase competition and protect consumers. Join to hear where the combination of these forces could lead.

11:15-11:45: Cyber 2022 – What’s Coming Down the Track
with Dr Ian Levy, Technical Director, National Cyber Security Centre

11:45-12:15: The Global Energy Transition, and the Technology Behind It
with Kristen Sanderson, VP of Engineering, GE Digital

In the next 10 years, the power grid will change more than in the last 100 years combined, undergoing significant change to meet the goal of decarbonization. This energy transition poses one of the biggest technology-related challenges of our generation. In this 20 minute keynote speech, Kristen Sanderson shares how digitalization is a critical element in the solution and what problems we must solve to win.

12:15-13:00: Panel: Senior Leaders Talk Innovation
Facilitated by David Savage, Group Technology Evangelist, Harvey Nash Group & Founder, Tech Talks, with Jane Mustoe, Head of Enabling Technology and Labs, Tesco; Rob McCargow, Technology Impact Leader, PwC; Tim Hole, Innovation Coach, Sky Labs; and Deborah O’Neill, Head of UK Digital, Partner, Oliver Wyman

Join us for this panel packed with insight from some of our sectors clearest visionaries. As we all grapple with the changes wrought by two years of Covid, how do we continue to evolve and innovate? What technologies offer genuine ability to transform your business, and how do we ensure we use creativity to build ever more inclusive environments?

13:00-13:30: BREAK

13:30-14:00: The Road to Net Zero
with Jennifer Tsim, Partner, Financial Services & Digital Practices, Oliver Wyman

The road to net zero” is an introductory session to net zero – covering what is net zero, what types of actions are required to shift to a net zero economy, how countries and companies are positioned and starting respond to the need to transition, and how you might think about the risks and opportunities in the net zero transition.

Jennifer Tsim is a Partner at Oliver Wyman in their global Financial Services and Climate and Sustainability team.

14:00-14:30: Our View of the Tech Horizon (Tech and Data Transformation)
with Isabelle Santenac, Global Insurance Leader, EY

Isabelle Santenac, EY Global Insurance Leader, will share lessons from her career including tips for advancing technology skills and how women can progress their careers. She will also share insight on her experience driving digital audit innovation at EY, and why transforming legacy technology and forming trusted ecosystems will be critical to organizations’ future growth.

14:30-15:00: Growing Up in a Digital World: Safeguarding Next Generations’ Personal Data
with Laia Bertran Manye, Senior Associate, Clifford Chance

Our next generations are growing in an exponentially increasing digitalised world – and the pandemic has only accelerated this trend. Digitalisation has always gone hand in hand with the collection of our personal data, although children navigating the online environment are unlikely to realise that. What are the risks, if any, for children and their personal data in an online context? What is the current regulation in place and where are we heading? Don’t miss out on this keynote to know more!

15:00-15:45: Panel: Does Hybrid Working Stifle Innovation?
Facilitated by David Savage, Group Technology Evangelist, Harvey Nash Group & Founder, Tech Talks, with Auriol Stevens, Global Technology Director – Employee Experience & Digital Workplace, Unilever; Stina Carlsson-Reich, Partner, Design, McKinsey; and Molly Johnson-Jones, CEO & Co-Founder, Flexa

WFH or an ‘in-office’ culture; what’s your preference? As a lack of clarity on the best approach grips industry, and employees feel empowered to demand greater flexibility, hybrid working has become the new ‘normal’. So how do we manage this fluid, distributed workplace and what’s the right balance between the physical and virtual? How is it affecting our teams and can we innovate and collaborate as effectively? This session provokes a lot of questions, and hints at the beginnings of some of the answers too.

15:45-16:15: BREAK

16:15-16:45: Top Trends in Fintech (Payments, AI, Open Banking, Biometrics, Blockchain)
with Julia Streets, CEO, Streets Consulting

In this Fintech keynote speech, Julia Streets, Founder & CEO of Streets Consulting, sets out the latest trends, themes updates and dynamics of the global Fintech industry.

16:45-17:15: Unlocking the $1Trillion Opportunity Leveraging the Power of Women
with Karina Vazirova, Co-Founder, FemTech Lab

In this keynote, I want to share with you the deeper meaning of FemTech as a sector and open up your mind to the idea that women’s health is not just about science, business or medicine. I want you to see that women’s health is about the empowerment of women and pushing innovation in women’s health is the key that can finally help us unlock the true power of women in the world.

17:15-18:00: Panel: Trust and AI – Trusted Autonomous Systems Hub
Facilitated Dr Kate Devlin, Reader in Artificial Intelligence & Society, King’s College London, with Rosamund Powell, Ethics Research Assistant, The Alan Turing Institute; Dr Bani Anvari, Lecturer, Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering, University College London; and Dr Jusytna Lisinska, Research Fellow, King’s College London

As we move into an era where robotics and AI become more prevalent, how can we create systems that are both trustworthy in principle and trusted in practice? Four women from the UKRI-funded Trusted Autonomous Systems Hub discuss their role in facilitating and delivering AI – from self-driving cars to mental health support – and share what their hopes are for women in the sector.

One Tech World - Emerging Technology Agenda

08:00-08:30: The Technology and Business Partnership
with Aileen Edwards, Director – Lead Architect Group FX, Barclays

In this keynote, Aileen examines the partnership between technology and the business, giving tips on engagement and making the most of your experience to benefit yourself and the team. There are sure to be many points in the keynote that you will find relatable.

08:30-09:00: Can Space Tech Save the Planet
with Dr Kathryn O’Donnell, COO, In-Space Missions Ltd

In this 20-minute keynote speech Dr Kathryn O’Donnell considers a huge variety of space tech applications to determine what unique insight or advantage they can provide to help humankind mitigate key threats to the planet, and whether this can be considered in balance with the environmental impact of launch vehicles themselves.

To address this Dr O’Donnell, COO of In-Space Missions Ltd, considers the impact of space tech in three main categories: climate change and sustainability; defence and law enforcement; and space services/tech spinouts. From climate change to robot arms, from law enforcement to launch vehicle pollution, this session provides an accessible overview for non-space specialists to the positive applications of space tech and an indirect insight into the variety of tech skills required within the industry today.

09:00-09:30: Digital Identity: What is the State of Play in the UK?
with Lewis Cannon, Principal, Oliver Wyman

Digital identities are here, but they are not working for us in the way they should be. They suffer from being fragmented, weak and cumbersome. To give you and I as consumers a better experience we need solutions that save time, enable greater control over your personal data, and simplify your digital life.

Join Lewis as he explores what digital identity actually is and how we see things playing out across the UK and Europe.

09:30-10:15: Panel: Future Technology: Balancing Innovation with Regulation & Ethics
Facilitated by Deborah O’Neill, Head of UK Digital, Partner, Oliver Wyman, with Erika Lewis, Director, Cyber Security and Digital Identity, DCMS; Catherine Batchelor, Director, Digital Markets Unit, Competition and Markets Authority; Douglas Elliott, Partner, Oliver Wyman; and Felicia Meyerowitz Singh, CEO & Co-Founder

Technologies have transformed our economy, our society, and our daily lives. They are now a fundamental part of our everyday existence, providing goods and services that even a decade ago seemed unimaginable. The challenge for all organisation is to keep pace with the speed of change: making sure we balance unlocking the benefits of digital while minimising the risks they present both now and in the future.

10:15-10:45: BREAK

10:45-11:15: Volumetric Video
with Stephanie Bally, Applied Research Degree Apprentice, BT; and Lisa Perkins, Adastral Park & Research Realisation Director, BT

This video  explores and explains the cutting edge technology volumetric video, what it is, how its captured and where it’s going. It demonstrates some of the innovative use-cases BT are currently working on as part of the 5G-Edge XR project and where you might see it in the future!

11:15-11:45: 5G Enabling Digital Transformations of Industries
with Wenbing Yao, Vice President, Huawei UK

As many sectors look to embrace 5G technologies in their digitalisation strategies, this talk will take a look at some of the most active industries leading in 5G adoption, including smart ports, manufacturing and robotic chemical site monitoring. Hear about how these latest use cases of 5G solutions have helped industrial sectors achieve greater operational efficiencies, cost savings and safer working conditions for employees. More so, despite the ICT industry contributing toward 2% of the world’s carbon emissions, it also has the potential to help reduce global emissions by 20%.

11:45-12:15: hundo, Gen Z and Women in Web 3
with Esther O’Callaghan OBE, Founder & CEO, hundo

We believe web3 and the metaverse offers us the opportunity to tackle youth unemployment, poverty, and structural inequality. For the metaverse to fulfill its true potential, we need to address the barriers that female founders in tech face. As we enter a new era of innovation and progress into Web3, are building a global learn-to-earn campus, powered by a token to tackle the increasing skills deficit between Gen Z, and the metaverse.

12:15-13:00: Panel: Tech in 2030
Facilitated by David Savage, Group Technology Evangelist, Harvey Nash Group & Founder, Tech Talks, with Semsi Sonmez, Technology Talent Leader, UK, PwC; Midori Takenaka, Senior Associate, Clifford Chance; and Priya Guha MBE, Venture Partner, Merian Ventures, NED at UKRI & Member of InnovateUK Council

We know future-gazing is a fool’s game, but we’re going to give it a go anyway. As the complexity of technology increases, and the pace of change accelerates ever forward, the challenges facing digital leaders only multiply. We explore the decisions you need to take now, understand the changes in our teams and workplaces and query how regulation might be able to improve the environment in which we work.

13:00-13:30: BREAK

13:30-14:00: What it Means to Innovate in a Large Enterprise
with Angelica Stephenson, Senior Technical Product Manager, Apps and Partner Content, Sky

Angelica Stephenson is an experienced Senior Technical Product Manager, with 4 years working at the forefront of innovation at Sky. During this talk Angelica will bring to life what it means to innovate in a large enterprise using real-life examples, such as her work on Sky’s latest innovation Sky Glass. She’ll also share top tips and tricks on how to navigate and overcome challenges which are a by-product of large scale innovation.

14:00-14:30: Crypto – Moving Towards Institutional Adoption?
with Anna Matson, Vice President, Market Advocacy & Innovation Research, Northern Trust

Anna will be covering some detail on Cryptocurrencies. What they are, why the interest, where have we come from and where are we now. In particular, some of the institutional interest and adoption of crypto into investment portfolios, and some thoughts on what might life look like moving forward with the regulatory frameworks and infrastructure that is emerging to support this asset class.

14:30-15:00: Enabling an Improved Customer & Colleague Experience Through Better Use of Technology
with Cheryl Stevens MBE, Digital Director of Shared Channels Experience, DWP

In this session, Cheryl Stevens, Digital Director of Shared Channel Experience explores the way the department to lead the transformation of simplified experiences for colleagues and customers driven by life events and other user needs, regardless of channel or service line. Enabling safe, efficient, inclusive and consistent journeys across DWP.

15:00-15:45: Panel: Fintech
Facilitated by Julia Streets, CEO, Streets Consulting, with Jigisha Lock, Director, Sustainability Data & Analytics Tech, Credit Suisse; Erika Federis, Associate, CMS London; Meera Ragha, Senior Associate, Clifford Chance; and Doina Chiselita, Manager, EY

In this panel we will explore what’s driving growth in the Fintech industry, some of the developments that are catching our panelists’ attention right now, and of what we must be mindful.

15:45-16:15: BREAK

16:15-16:45: Inter-dependability Between Sustainability and Tech
with Jigisha Lock, Director, Sustainability Data & Analytics Tech, Credit Suisse

Technology has the power to accelerate adoption of sustainability initiatives. Learn about the importance of sustainability, industry challenges, and be empowered to Engage, Innovate, and Iterate, to create and maintain a culture of sustainability, enabled by technology and data driven decisioning.

16:45-17:15: Solving the World’s Health Problems Through Tech
with Denver Phiri, Health Economist & Speaker

Denver Phiri is a global healthtech entrepreneur and a global health economist. His career is currently focused on the thinking around the future of new delivery models in healthcare and wellness. He is an advocate for using digital technology to bridge the gaps that exist in healthcare delivery whilst also reshaping the healthcare space to make it future proof. In this keynote address he discusses the pillars of access, cost and quality in healthcare and highlights the potential for technological innovation that exists for delivering impact within these pillars. By comparing different elements of healthcare aligned with these pillars he illustrates the opportunities for engagement and reflects on the lessons learnt from the COVID19 pandemic.

17:15-17:45: Drones’ Future: What Can We Expect From Drones?
with Dr. Noha Ahmed Al-Harth, Technology Lead, Technology & Digital Sector, NEOM

Drones or UAV’s have become the topic of conversation these days, and the sky has never been more crowded, whether it’s for performance art, commerce, or research. During this talk, Dr. Al-Harthi will talk about the key drone technologies, challenges and & current uses, as well as the future of drones and how they will revolutionize the way we plan, build, and navigate our cities, and other transformative opportunities in this dynamic and rapidly emerging tech field.

17:45-18:30: Panel: Tech Savvy Leaders: The Impact of Engineering in Modern Finance
Facilitated by Elina Timiryasova, Vice President, Global Markets Engineering, Goldman Sachs, with Holly Osborne, Managing Director, Corporate Treasury, Goldman Sachs; Vanessa Yiu, Managing Director, Engineering Division, Goldman Sachs; and Clare Ashley, Managing Director, Engineering Division, Goldman Sachs

Join an engaging panel discussion with three newly promoted Managing Directors and engineers at Goldman Sachs to hear how technology is shaping the world of modern finance. These dynamic women share their journey to leadership, experiences of influencing business decisions, as well as their best advice on navigating a career whilst maintaining a healthy work life balance.

One Tech World - You & Your Career Agenda

08:00-08:30: The Art of Building Confidence – How Self Promotion Can Lead to Career Growth
with Priya Sodha, Founder & CEO, Innergem

Self Promotion is one of the top leading leadership skills that can support a women’s career growth. In this session, you will understand the importance of self promotion & research surrounding its impact. In addition, learn a key strategy & tip to authentically self promote & articulate your accomplishments in the workplace.

08:30-09:00: Just One Reason: The Power of Professional Relationships
with Andy Lopata, Author, Speaker & Professional Relationship Strategist

The success of your career will be determined, to a substantial degree, by the strength of the relationships you forge along the way. Whether with your peers, your bosses, your clients or other key stakeholders, if you have a network rooted in deep relationships, you then have people who will advocate for you, advise you, guide and support you in whatever ways you need. In this popular session, Andy explores the fundamentals of building, nurturing and leveraging strong professional relationships and gives you some practical tips to achieve your full potential with the support of those around you.

09:00-09:30: The Road to Reinvention – It’s Shorter Than You Think
with Susie Ramroop, Mindset Coach & International Speaker, Make Life Simple Ltd.

In the last 2 years we’ve spent a lot of time with ourselves. The result? We are craving reinvention! In this talk Susie Ramroop connects you with the real reason you are seeking it, brings clarity to your search and gives you practical steps to achieving it. Leave this talk relieved that the change you seek can start, easily, today.

09:30-10:15: Panel: Senior Leaders Share Their Top Tips for Career Success
Facilitated by Vanessa Vallely OBE, Managing Director, WeAreTechWomen, with Dr Mary Haigh, CISO, BAE Systems; Fay Cooper, Deputy Director, Head of Product, DWP Digital; Mark Ellis, Managing Director & Head of Group Operations Solutions, Credit Suisse; Maribel De La Vega, Partner, EY; and Helen Bierton, Chief Banking Officer, Starling Bank

In this session senior leaders, Dr Mary Haigh, CISO, BAE Systems, Fay Cooper, Deputy Director, Head of Product, DWP Digital, Mark Ellis, Managing Director & Head of Group Operations Solutions, Credit Suisse, Helen Bierton, Chief Banking Officer, Starling Bank and Maribel De La Vega, Partner, EY share their experience of their careers by offering key tips around driving your own career, seeking mentors, obtaining sponsorship and using your network to achieve career success. Join us for top tips from the top, a session not to be missed.

10:15-10:45: BREAK

10:45-11:15: Creating and Executing Your Career Plan
with Simi Awokoya, Career Coach & Founder, Witty Careers

In this talk you will learn a useful framework to create an actionable career plan so you can get promoted, get a pay raise and land a new job (without getting another degree or overworking yourself)

11:!5-11:45: Thriving as an Introverted Leader
with Carol Stewart, Founder, Abounding Solutions & Author, Quietly Visible: Leading With Influence and Impact as an Introverted Woman

In the work environment it is often the case that the ones who ‘shout’ loudest are the ones who get heard, get the recognition, get the promotions, and get ahead. The quieter ones often get overlooked. With some reports stating that introverts only account for 2% of senior executives (despite making up 30-50% of the population), what hope does this give to those who are introverted and want to progress? Meetings, networking, selection interviews, open plan offices… many of our work practices are unfavourably biased towards introversion. Add to that the misconceptions about what introversion is, it can lead to a misunderstanding of people who are introverted, and can leave the affected individuals with a poor self-image. These negatively impact their career and leadership experience. This talk will get you looking at how people who are introverted can overcome these challenges, release their introverted super-powers, and thrive as leaders in their own authentic, introverted way.

11:45-12:15: How to Remain Visible When Working From Home
with Harriet Minter, Journalist, Speaker & Director, The HVM Group

We all know that building your profile and making the right connections is vital if you want to get ahead in your career. But with water cooler moments a thing of the past, how do we ensure that just because we’re out of the office, we’re not out of mind? In this talk, Harriet Minter, journalist and author of WFH: How to Build a Career you Love when You’re Not in the Office, will talk you through a simple plan for working remotely AND staying visible. She’ll explain a simple three step plan for building your network, help you enrol your boss (and your boss’s boss) in your career plan and give you some simple tips for getting over the fear of standing out.

12:15-13:00: Panel: In Tech, Still Ambitious! – Don’t Count Me Out
Facilitated by Birgit Neu, Senior DEI Advisor & Former Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, HSBC, with Rebecca Peagram, Finance Director for Global Capabilities, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence; Jenny Gwilliam, Principal Agile Lead, Sky; Naomi Masterson, Senior Principal, Enterprise Architecture & Solutions Consulting, Northern Trust; and Sarah Garton, Client Account Lead, Accenture

We’re going to explore the intersection of age and gender in tech, looking at women approaching and into the “third quarter” of their lives. What do women want at this point in their careers? What gets in the way? How can this be a more fulfilling time in a tech career than what came before? What about women who are interested in getting into tech for the first time at this stage? Join us for a lively and inspiring conversation about the less-discussed end of the age spectrum, where ambition can take us and what else corporates can do to attract and retain this talent.

13:00-13:30: BREAK

13:30-14:15: Panel: Rising Tech Talent
Facilitated by David Savage, Group Technology Evangelist, Harvey Nash Group & Founder, Tech Talks, with Daniela Sfregola, Vice President, Morgan Stanley; Meenal Upadhyay, Full Stack Developer, Morgan Stanley; Gina Gurubi, Product Owner, Morgan Stanley; and Navroop Kaur Watwani, Senior Manager, Morgan Stanley

Hear from four female technologists from across the globe who are leading the way at Morgan Stanley. They will all share their journey into the technical role they are in today, discuss role models and how important they have been in their career so far, how giving back is an important part of their everyday life inside and outside of work and how it links to their technical skills, plus share their top tips around working in the technology industry.

14:15-14:45: Building Mental Fitness: Learning to Master Your Mind
with Amy Yip, Life Transformation & Mental Fitness Coach

The more mentally fit you are, the more you’ll be able to handle the stress, anxiety and frustrations that might come from work and personal life challenges. This includes relationships and how you engage with others like your colleagues, partner, children. Your level of Mental Fitness is the best predictor of how happy you are and how well you perform relative to your potential. The good news is that, just like physical fitness, you can boost your Mental Fitness significantly with practice! During this workshop, we will unpack:

  • How you tend to self-sabotage with Saboteurs like the Judge, the Hyper-Rational, the Controller, the Hyper-Achiever, the Pleaser and 5 others
  • The 3 core muscles at the root of mental fitness

14:45-15:15: How to Become a Speaking Sensation
with Esther Stanhope, The ‘Impact Guru’ & Founder, Esther Stanhope Ltd.

Women often face particular challenges when it comes to being visibly brilliant at their job and standing in the spotlight with all eyes on them! The good news is you can learn to speak well if you know how to go about it. This fun masterclass is designed to help you; – Break down the invisible obstacles that hold you back – Feel more confident at speaking in a public forum – Get yourself a gig. – Be awesome – Gather the tools you need to start today! One Tech World’s regular international confidence speaker, Esther Stanhope has worked with senior women in global organisations all over the world. A former senior BBC Producer, she’s interviewed Hollywood stars (Madonna & George Clooney) and helped politicians, business leaders Barclays, JPMorgan, Deloitte), lawyers (A&O) and barristers to speak with more impact. She knows how to make you shine. Bonus – You get a free download of her audiobook ”Goodbye Glossophobia – banish your fear of public speaking”

15:15-15:45: Breaking Norms: Women Founders and the Future of New-Business Building
with Julie Gilbert, Partner, McKinsey & Company

Julie will present findings from Leap by McKinsey’s groundbreaking global research on the State of New Business Building and how female founders in particular are driving business growth at higher rates than their peers. She will also share insights from her personal journey as a founder, combined with data on how to propel your passion and talents at the highest levels in your own start-up and/or inside your own corporation while elevating more female and diverse talent profiles.

15:45-16:15: BREAK

16:15-17:00: Panel: How Do We Remove the Barriers for Women in Tech (Based on Ipsos Mori Survey Results)
Facilitated by Vanessa Vallely OBE, Managing Director, WeAreTechWomen with Debbie Forster MBE, CEO, Tech Talent Charter; Jacqueline de Rojas CBE, President, TechUK; and Amali de Alwis MBE, CEO, Subak

In this session, Jacqueline, Debbie, Amali and Vanessa discuss what companies need to do to shift the needle for women in the tech industry. They discuss allyship, male sponsorship, mentoring programmes and the need for clear and consistent pathways for women in tech to succeed.

17:00-17:30: No Imposters Here, Say Goodbye to Your Inner Critic
with Jenny Garrett OBE, Award-Winning Career Coach & Leadership Trainer

Ever felt like a fraud? Had that nagging feeling that you’ll be found out, or are you waiting to feel more confident before you realise your plans or your goals? In this session, we’ll dive into uncovering the keys to confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome. You will uncover what drives you, learn how to identify, challenge and replace unhelpful limiting thoughts and beliefs and be introduced to the concept of imposter syndrome. You’ll come away with new strategies, tools and an action plan and uncover an altogether more confident you.

17:30-18:00: How to Navigate Your Career in Tech as a Black and Brown Woman
with Faith Ruto, CEO & Founder, Executive Coach, Author and Speaker, Transformation21st

When it comes to career advancement, women who identify as black or brown face more challenges in the workplace, I have experience in helping women increase their self-confidence and career strategies. In this masterclass, I will share practical strategies to help you navigate your career success with confidence and resilience.

I will guide you through a simple 3-step process to help you:

1) Identify opportunities for growth
2) Take actions
3) Achieve results to transform your career

Masterclass participants who join us our mailing list ( will get a chance to win 3 top prizes:

Prize 1: A signed book – Transform Within – 7 Strategies for Professional Growth and Resilience
Prize 2: A 60-minute coaching session<
Prize 3: Transform Within Coaching – 3 months programme worth £2500

* A winner will be announced at the end of April!

18:00-18:30: What’s Next for Instagram in 2022?
with Estelle Keeber, Founder, Immortal Monkey

With more than 100 Instagram updates in 2021…social media as we know it is changing and fast. So what’s next? Join the UKs leading Instagram expert as she takes us behind the scenes on all of the latest trends and updates for 2022 that are going to blow up your visibility, brand and business using Instagram.

18:30-19:15: Panel: Millennials Talk Tech Careers
Facilitated by Vanessa Vallely OBE, Managing Director, WeAreTechWomen with Priyanka Marisarla, Vice President, Data Strategy & Data Management, Northern Trust; Akua Opong, Senior Analyst, London Stock Exchange; Rianna Pindoria, Business and Integration Arch Analyst, Accenture; and Hope Carr-Oddie, Engineering Degree Apprentice, Goldman Sachs

In this session Vanessa talks to Priyanka, Akua, Rianna and Hope about their early careers in technology. The panel discusses their different pathways in to tech, how they are adapting to hybrid working and how they have been building their networks through lockdown. The panel also talks about what they believe companies can do to nurture their careers. A great insight for those with teams of millennials, Gen Y and X.

One Tech World - Diversity & Inclusion Agenda

08:00-08:30: Talking Neurodiversity
with Jennifer Opal, DevOps Engineer with HelloSign, Dropbox, a Multi-Award Winning Neurodiversity & Inclusion Advocate, Blogger & Keynote Speaker & Jacqui Wallis, CEO, Genius Within

Learn how to enter the world of work when your brain is wired differently. What is neurodiversity and how can companies support the community? When Jennifer Opal was diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD, she was learning to code. In this session, Jacqui Wallis explores how Jennifer dealt with her diagnosis, how she embraces her differences as a neurodivergent individual, and how she uses them to her advantage in order to succeed in the tech career she’s always wanted.

08:30-09:00: The Female Founder Conundrum
with Anais Cisneros, Venture Partner, Rally Cap Ventures

Having been a founder, a VC and a community leader Anais Cisneros has seen the female founder problem from up-close. It still sounds wild to her that only 1.1% of the capital goes to all female founder teams and 8.8% to mixed teams in Europe, according to the Atomico State of European Tech report. Anais has narrowed it down to three main components and has identified things that we can all do to take actions into the matter and get those funding rounds closed!

09:00-09:30: Menopause and it’s Drain on the Tech Talent Pool
with Sharon Vibert, Director, Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace

Sharon Vibert, Director at Henpicked Menopause in the Workplace: will discuss how to become a menopause friendly employer.

Preventing talent leaving and attracting the best employees by creating a culture where menopause is not just talked about but is business as usual, is the future for employers.

Menopause can have an impact on us all, whether we’re experiencing menopause directly or supporting a partner, family member, friend or colleague. Research shows that the majority of those experiencing the menopause are unwilling to discuss menopause-related health problems at work or ask for any support they may need.

We will explore what the menopause is, how it affects someone at work, and how to support your colleagues by provide the right signposting and support.

Sharon will discuss why it’s urgent and important to start conversations and how to implement a long-term menopause strategy.

Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace, make it easy for organisations to become a menopause friendly employer by introducing the right menopause awareness, education, and support.

Tap into their wide range of tried, tested and trusted resources, which have already brought huge benefits to the hundreds of leading organisations they’ve worked with.

09:30-10:15: Panel: How can Companies Drive Inclusion?
Facilitated by Birgit Neu, Senior DEI Advisor & Former Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, HSBC, with Ria Johal, Program Manager, Amazon & DEI Consultant; Theresa Palmer, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence; Ann Callison, Head of Strategic Change, Barclays; and Sonia Meggie, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Bloomberg LP

In this panel, experienced DEI practitioners and activists will help to plot where companies are on a maturity curve with their inclusion actions today and also look into the future, not only towards the burning issues in inclusion strategies over the near term but also to what needs to happen right now to prevent new DEI challenges from emerging in the longer term. Panellists will also discuss what structures and accountabilities are necessary for companies to execute on DEI strategies effectively.

10:15-10:45: BREAK

10:45-11:15: Tech For Good – Funding and Investment
with Veronica Celis Vergara, Founder & CEO, EnlightAID

Chilean architect turned tech4good entrepreneur explains motivations, struggles, successes and failures in a story of how to create positive impact.

11:15-11:45: Tech She Can – Working Together to Ensure Technology Works for All
with Robyn Howard, COO, Tech She Can

Robyn Howard explains all about Tech She Can, a collaboration created in 2018 but recently awarded charity status which aims for women to be equal members in creating and developing new tech products and services. How can you and your organisation get involved in inspiring the next generation?

11:45-12:15: What Shall We Do About the 0.7%?
with Vanessa Sanyauke, Founder & CEO, Girls Talk London

Black women in Technology make up only 0.7% of all jobs in Technology in the UK and this figure has not changed much in the last couple of years. In the U.S this figure is 1.5%. As we look to the future of work in 2032, where will Black women in Technology be? This critical challenge must be addressed so that Black women are able to play their role in the new revolution of work and Technology

12:15-13:00: Panel: How Do We Get More Girls into Technology
Facilitated by Claire Thorne, Co-CEO, Tech She Can, with Rav Bumbra, Founder, Structur3dpeople & Cajigo; Katherine Loe, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley; Anna Brailsford, CEO, Code First Girls; and Amanda Obidike, 2022 TechWomen Emerging Leader; General Manager, The Sir Emeka Okwuosa Foundation; Data Leader and STEM Enthusiast

It’s past time to make diversity in tech a national priority. It takes a collaborative effort from a variety of areas to pique the interest of girls in pursuing a career in technology. Parents, educators and businesses must work together to ensure that girls actively consider technology as a career option from an early age, rather than waiting until post-16 yrs. Listen to this panel of inspiring women in technology explaining why it’s now urgent to make career paths more visible, accessible and enjoyable, the importance of starting the conversation about future careers from primary school age, and why representation matters, as well as tactics for diversifying not only the pipeline but also the talent pool.

13:00-13:30: BREAK

13:30-14:15: Panel: Tech Returners – How Do We Get the Women Back?
Facilitated by Beckie Taylor, CEO, Tech Returners, with Helen Gardner, Consultant, Infinity Works (part of Accenture); Rana Alqrenawi, Senior Product Manager at Hiring Hub and Founder & CEO, AspireHer; Rachel Chenery, Developer, AutoTrader; Sona Sugumaran, Software Developer, Larson & Toubro; and Katie Postel, Technical Analyst, DDC-AS

Join Beckie Taylor, CEO, Tech Returners, and the panel as they explore the different stages of a return, from the drivers that led to the return, the challenges they faced, through to 12 months after a successful return.

14:15-14:45: Disability and Tech Innovation
with Peter Daley, Managing Director, Accenture

There is a global divide between people with disabilities and those without, even in the digital age. Technology can help bridge that divide; digital accessibility aims to content and digital tools are available and usable for everyone. While governments are making significant progress through increased accessibility-related regulation and greater compliance, enterprises have a powerful role to play in ensuring technology helps bridge, and not expand, the digital divide.

In this presentation, Peter Daley, sponsor for Accenture UK’s Technology Accent on Enablement initiative, will discuss the ways in which thoughtful and innovative uses of technology can support people with disabilities, and the important role we can all play in improving inclusion and accessibility in our solutions and workplaces.

14:45-15:30: Panel: The Importance of Male Allies
Facilitated by Julia Streets, CEO, Streets Consulting, with Russ Shaw CBE, Founder of Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates; Jason Providence, Managing Director – Products & Platforms, Accenture; Peter Akwaboah, Chief Operating Officer of Technology and Firm Resilience, Morgan Stanley; Atif Syed Abbas, Managing Director, Controllers, Goldman Sachs; and Rob Harris, Field Delivery Director, British Gas

In this panel we will explore why male allies matter. We examine what inspired these five senior men to step up and be counted and we learn about how they support and inspire others to do the same. In this discussion, we also acknowledge and offer advice about how to overcome some of the barriers that exist and appreciate the impact that their efforts continue to make.

15:15-16:15: BREAK

16:15-16:45: The Importance of Inclusion and Diversity on the Sustainability Agenda
with Jasmine Dhiman, Technology Sustainability Lead, Accenture

The drive to limit the impact of global warming on our environment is one of the biggest challenges humanity faces.  And diverse, women-led organisations will be at the forefront the quest for sustainability. Why? Because women leaders build diverse teams which are better at problem-solving and avoid biases that can lead to prejudicial outcomes.

As Jasmine Dhiman, Technology Sustainability Lead for Accenture in the UK and Ireland explains, the fight against climate change demands a fundamentally feminist approach.  That’s how we can tap into the innovations we’ll need, avoid doing harm, and ensure a fair and just transition to a low-carbon future, for all.

16:45-17:15: Fostering Neurodiverse Talent
with Dr Nancy Doyle, Occupational Psychologist & CEO, Genius Within

What is neurodiversity, and does it affect you? What role do our cognitive processes have in how we interpret information? Learn how firms can cultivate neurodiverse talent to guarantee that people are placed in roles that not only suit them but also encourage them to flourish. In this session, Dr. Nancy Doyle discusses the importance of recognising neurodivergent talent’s strengths and helping people reach their full potential.

17:15-18:00: Panel: MenopauseX – Placing Data at the Heart of the Solution
Facilitated by Kat Holmes, Data Director, MenopauseX, with Lucy Chatwin, Commercial Director, Newson Health Research and Education Limited; Gaele Lalahy, Chief Operating Officer, Balance App and Amy Lindsay, Data Leader & Enthusiast, Changemaker & Solar Expert

Menopause is a taboo subject, therefore data and technology are essential for determining what needs to be done, and how to move forward to improve the situation for women in the workplace. Listen to this panel of remarkable speakers discuss how we can provide women with the data they need to track their own symptoms and arm them with powerful knowledge to make an impact through effective and personalised solutions. Although there is still more to be done, how can we detect data gaps and fill them with new research?

Orla Dunne, Global Head of Foundational Infrastructure & Head of EMEA Core Engineering, Goldman Sachs

In this conversation, Vanessa talks with the inspirational Orla Dunne, Head of Foundational Infrastructure and core engineering at Goldman Sachs. During the conversation Orla shares her career story from Engineer to senior leader. She also talks about her role as sponsor of the women’s engineering network and the multiple programmes Goldman Sachs has in place to develop their female tech talent. Orla also shares her passion to mentor and sponsor others and explains how she believes that as a leader it is her job to pay it forward and nurture future generations of women in tech.

Jane Mustoe, Head of Enabling Technology and Labs, Tesco

In this session, Vanessa talks to Jane about her role as Head of Enabling Technology Labs at Tesco. Jane shares her career journey transitioning from technical roles in to leadership and switching industries from finance to retail. Jane touches on her passion for EDI and how she is part of the team that is driving innovation at Tesco.

Molly Johnson-Jones, CEO & Co-Founder, Flexa

In this conversation Vanessa talks to founder, Molly Johnson-Jones about her startup Flexa. Flexa was started after Molly experienced discrimination at one of the firms she worked for. After asking for a more flexible working week to accommodate her disability, Molly’s employment was terminated! This drove Molly to create Flexa which now has multiple accredited clients and is helping to connect job seekers with truly flexible employers.

Jacky Wright, Chief Digital Officer & Corporate Vice President, Microsoft US

In this conversation Vanessa speaks with the amazing Jacky Wright who has had an extensive 30 year career in technology. Previously Jacky worked at DWP, BP and subsequently relocated the US to work for Microsoft. In this conversation Vanessa and Jacky discuss the importance of sponsorship and mentorship, and how we can all be allies for each other. Jacky also touches on what companies can do to nurture female tech talent as well as what women can do to accelerate their own careers.

Ann Hiatt, Leadership Strategist & Author of Bet On Yourself

Ann Hiatt, founder and author of Bet on Yourself. Vanessa Vallely OBE will be talking to Ann about what was like to work for Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon and Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google! During this conversation Ann will be sharing her top tips for success, setting up your side hustle and telling us why we all need to bet on ourselves!

Dr Kate Devlin, Reader in Artificial Intelligence & Society, King’s College London

Kate Devlin, Senior Lecturer in culture and change at King’s College. Kate and Vanessa Vallely OBE will be speaking with Kate about her book, Sex and Robots, AI, Ethics and her incredible career in academia. Not to be missed, Kate has a lot to say about what needs to be done to see a fairer and more ethical world of tech.

Auriol Stevens, Global Technology Director – Employee Experience & Digital Workplace, Unilever

In this session Vanessa talks with Auriol about her extensive career, firstly working in tech as part of a family business and subsequently transitioning in to corporate. Auriol talks about her passion for inclusion and how she believes her love of sport has contributed to her success in the workplace. Auriol also speaks about her role on various boards, including the Royal Navy, Imperial College, and charity Tech She Can.

Vicki Lau, Visual Effects (VFX) Artist/Generalist, Virtual Reality (VR) Developer, TEDx speaker, Entrepreneur & Educator

In this session Vanessa discusses Vicki’s extensive experience in special effects covering Hollywood block buster’s such as the Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy and Aqua Man. Vicki shares her career journey and the toolsets and skills required to transition into a career in special effects and her passion to see more women in the industry. Vicki also talks about her passion to give back and how she has trained over 80,000 people across 120 countries in the use of special effects. During this conversation, Vanessa and Vicki discuss her new book Why I Do VFX which was written to encourage more women into the industry.

Flavilla Fongang, Serial Entrepreneur, Author & Founder, 3 Colours Rule

Flavilla Fongang, founder of 3 Colours Rule, multi award winning entrepreneur and Computer Weekly’s top two most influential women in tech. Flavilla and Vanessa Vallely OBE will be talking her incredible business and her life as a brand strategist and entreprenuer, her work on Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates for Black Women in Tech, her book, The Voices in the Shadow, which tells the stories of 51 incredible diverse women in the industry.

Charlene Hunter, Founder & CEO, Coding Black Females

Charlene Hunter MBE, the multi award winning Founder of Coding Black Females. Vanessa Vallely OBE and Charlene will be talking about her community, why we need more black females in coding and what her organisation is doing to support black women in the industry. Charlene was recently appointed her MBE and will soon be off to New York as part of a delegation selected by the Department for International Trade (DIT) to help expand the global reach of Coding Black Females. Tune in to find out more.

Kari Lawler, Young Entrepreneur & Founder, Youth4AI

Kari Lawler, multi award winning tech superstar who at just 18 is inspiring teens in to tech through her enterprise Youth4AI – Kari, who is completely self taught started her tech career at just 13! Today, she has inspired over 10,000 kids in to tech and runs programmes to encourage kids from under represented backgrounds to pursue careers in STEM. Join this in the lounge session with Vanessa Vallely OBE to hear Kari’s incredible story.

Naomi Masterson, Senior Principal, Enterprise Architecture & Solutions Consulting, Northern Trust

In this session Naomi talks about taking time out in her career to raise her family. Vanessa and Naomi discuss the fact that sometimes you need to step back in your career in order to leap forward at the right time. Naomi talks about how she balances the needs of her family whilst launching herself in to new and exciting opportunities at Northern Trust.

Briony Chappell, Head of Digital, KISS FM

Briony Chappell, Digital Editor at Kiss FM. Vanessa and Briony are talking about Briony’s career, the technologies used at Kiss FM, and how Kiss FM are innovating their digital platforms to bring a greater experience to their listeners. Briony was one of the individuals behind the biggest virtual festival in 2020 where Kiss partnered with ASOS to bring 30 hours of music by the world top DJ’s. A conversation not to be missed!

Amna Habiba, International Speaker, STEM enthusiast & Founder, Global Creative Hub

In this session Vanessa speaks with 16 year old Amna about her initiatives to train over 10,000 girls in Pakistan to code through her enterprise Global Creative Hub. Amna talks about her passion for seeing more girls in the industry and the cultural challenges she faces in order to pursue her dream of being a successful technologist. Amna taught herself how to code using free resources on the internet after her school closed during the pandemic. This session is pure inspiration. A young role model who has achieved so much at such a young age, and an incredible young lady who is intent on lifting others as she climbs.

Avye Couloute, Maker, coder, Tech Advocate, Social Entrepreneur & Founder, Girls Into Coding and Helen Virolan, Director, Girls Into Coding

In this conversation Vanessa talks to two incredible youngsters about their social enterprises to encourage girls to learn to code. Joining Avye Coloute of Girls in to Coding and Amna Habiba of Global Creative Hubs are the girls mothers, Helene and Quratulain, who share how they encouraged their daughters to pursue STEM careers, and how they are now both supporting their girls dreams to encourage more girls in to the industry.

Jonathan Kewley, Co-Head of the Clifford Chance Tech Group

In this conversation Vanessa talks to Jonathan about his career as a tech lawyer at Clifford Chance, and how he is challenging the status quo in the legal industry. Jonathan has recently been in the press regarding a recent manifesto he wrote in his bid to become managing partner for the UK firm. In the manifesto, he calls for the appointment of a chief happiness officer as well as micro retreats for staff. Jonathan is also a champion for EDI and talks about his passion for inclusion and how he has built an inclusive culture across his teams.

Alice Hendy, Founder, R;pple Suicide Prevention

In this session Vanessa talks to multi award winning Alice Hendy about the technology she developed following the tragic loss of her brother Josh. Alice believes no one should lose anyone to suicide, so she developed code that intercepts internet searches that could lead to an individual taking their own life. Alice has already saved over nine lives through her code and is on a mission to have it deployed in schools, workplaces and eventually on to mainstream browsers.

Rabi Atiti, Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager, Flutter International

In this conversation Vanessa talks Equity, Diversity and Inclusion with the inspirational Rabi from Flutter. Vanessa and Rabi talk about her extensive remit across multiple continents and what inspired her to pursue a career in ED&I. Rabi also reflects on cultural differences she had to adapt to upon arriving in the UK, and how she has paid the kindness she received forward throughout her career. Rabi also discusses the importance of giving back and engaging in voluntary roles outside of work.

Prasanna Gopalakrishnan, Group Chief Technology Officer, Sky

In this conversation Vanessa talks to Group CTO, Prasanna Gopalakrishnan about her role at Sky. They discuss her transition to the UK, her extensive career journey across a multitude of sectors and the risks she took in her career. Prasanna talks passionately about the importance of developing good listening skills, not emulating the behaviours of men, what to do when your ideas are taken, running large teams and how to build a culture of inclusion.

Aileen Edwards, Director – Lead Architect Group FX, Barclays

In this session Vanessa talks to Aileen about her role as Lead Architect at Barclays. Aileen explains how she had to change her approach to challenging the decisions of men having grown up patriarchal society in South Africa. Aileen shares her experience leaving behind her technical skills for leadership as well as her thoughts about creating successful working relationships.

Belinda Finch, Chief Information Officer, Three

In the conversation Vanessa discusses Belinda’s role as CIO at Three. Belinda shares her background about her journey as a young technologist studying tech in wales. Belinda and her family actually lobbied the school to introduce technology at A level (and got their way). Belinda shares her extensive career in telco through most of the leading providers, and her recent 18 month journey building out a brand new IT department at Three. Belinda also shares how she has been building a culture from the ground up and her vision to embed tech within the business! Belinda believes we are all technologists, regardless of our roles!

May Pepere, International and Data CIO, Morgan Stanley

May shares insights from her career journey and the technology developments and trends to which she’s paying most attention. She offers advice to the One Tech World audience about how to engage with colleagues and senior executives to advance their careers.

Shenetra Moses, SVP of Operations and Lean, GE Digital

In this conversation Vanessa talks to Shenetra about her extensive career in tech and how she has transitioned across multiple industries including automotive, defence, manufacturing and engineering. Shenetra also talks about being hired by one company only to find out there were no women’s bathrooms! She also shares her passion for giving back, owning her role model status and her experience being a black woman in tech.

Berta Herrero, Programme Director, Schools for Female Leadership in the Digital Age; Senior EU Public Affairs Manager leading on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, HUAWEI

In this session Vanessa talks with Berta about her career in politics and how she transitioned into technology. They discuss Huawei’s fantastic School for Female Leadership programme which is open to all women every summer. Berta also shares her vision and thoughts as head of ED&I for Huawei as to how we overcome the divide in Europe in terms of digital, geographical or gender-related issues.

Justina Nixon-Saintil, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG, IBM

In this session Vanessa talks to Justina about her role in Corporate Social Responsibility and what IBM are doing to encourage more young girls in to STEM careers. Justina also covers the extensive programmes IBM have put in place in order to support their female tech talent. Join us to find out more about Justina’s incredible career journey as she shares her tips for a successful tech career.

Nuala Collins, Associate Director Of Delivery, Flutter International

In this session Vanessa discusses Nuala’s extensive career experience in Infrastructure. They also discuss Nuala’s role and why she would like to see more women in infra. In this session Nuala explains what skills you need to pursue a career in infrastructure and why she believes it is one of the most exciting areas in tech to work in.

Bridget Woods, Principal, Wholesale Commercial and Propositions Planning, BT & Chair of BT’s Gender Equality Network

In this session Vanessa talks with Bridget who chairs BT’s Gender Equality Network. Bridget shares her passion for equity, diversity and inclusion, and how she is driving the conversation around shared parental leave. Bridget also touches on some of the incredible initiatives that BT are implementing to support the careers of the female tech talent.

Mitra Roknabadi, Vice President, Global Head of Marketing, OpenFin

Mitra Roknabadi, VP, Global Head of Marketing at Openfin (the operating system for finance) shares insights from Openfin’s US and UK research about why employees are leaving organizations that are not investing in software applications, how Openfin is supporting corporate transformation at scale and explains her journey from luxury retail into the fintech industry.

Kirsty Baxter-Smith, Mobile Cloud Core Operations Director, BT

In this session Vanessa talks to Kirsty about her role in Cloud technology at BT. Kirsty dispels the myth that you have to be deeply technical to run teams of techies and shares her extensive experience about how to lead successful teams. Kirsty also talks about not being scared to take risks and learn new skills later on in your tech career.

Sam Smith, CEO, finnCap

In this session Vanessa talks to founder Sam Smith about her extensive career and how she managed a buy out to create her company, finnCap. During this conversation they discuss what challenges Sam faced building her fast growing business and what is was like to IPO and float on the Stock Exchange. During this session, they also discuss Sam’s passion to see female founders succeed and their programme Ambition Nation which helps female founders with resources and support.

There are also over 40 additional exclusive sessions that you will be able to access on our on-demand stage.

Innovating with Purpose
with Saleha Williams, Global Head of Strategy, Digital Engineering, Cognizant

Who is Responsible Anyway? Corporate Digital Responsibility, the Digital Divide & Poverty, and Today’s Digital Wicked Problems
with Dr Karen Elliott, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Enterprise & Innovation (FinTech)

Building a Career in Payments
with Akita Somani, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Champion, U.S. Bank (Elavon)

Day in the Life of a Software Test Engineer/Manager
with Sabana Danga, Engineering Lead, BAE Systems AI

Who Let the Dogs Out – My Career as a Founder
with Rikke Rosenlund, Founder, Borrow My Doggy

Exploring Your Board Potential – Trustees, Public Appointments, Boards? Where Do You Start?
with Fiona Hathorn, CEO & Founder, Women on Boards

UX Designer
with Mary MacPherson, Director, Experience Design, EY

Web3: Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, and the Metaverse
with Anju Kirankumar, Vice President, Northern Trust

Lessons from my Book – FinTech Women Walk the Talk: Moving the Needle for Gender Equality in Financial Services & Beyond
with Nadia Edwards-Dashti, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer, Harrington Starr Group

Building a Tech Start-Up in the Creative Industry
with Amandine Flachs, CEO and Co-Founder, WildMeta

What Does Male Allyship Look Like?
with Daniele Fiandaca, Co-Founder, Utopia

How Stars and Streetlights Can Illuminate Diverse STEM Careers
with Sarah Chapman, Technical Manager & North Europe STEM Champion , 3M

Path to Being a Designer

The Launch of Next Generation Quantum Technologies
with Diviya Devani, Quantum Sensing Consultant

My Life in DevOps
with Trevor Brosnan, Managing Director, Distinguished Engineer, Enterprise Tech & Services Management, Morgan Stanley

Three UK: How to Pivot into Tech
with Gill Cooke, Propositions and Engagement Lead, Three UK; Sophina Bano, Quality Assurance Analyst, Three UK; Francesca Kipping, Technical Change Manager, Three UK; and Snehal Bhudia, Director of Propositions & Go To Market, Three Business UK

Get Your D&I Together
with Cat Wildman, Co-CEO & Founder, GEC; and Nic Ponsford, Co-CEO & Founder, GEC

Generalists Have Superpowers
with Maxine Paintain | Lead Product Manager, DWP Digital

Beyond Burnout: How to Spot It, Stop It and Stamp It Out
with Suzi McAlpine, Leadership Development Specialist & Author, Beyond Burnout

Three UK: How to Pivot into Tech
with Gill Cooke, Propositions and Engagement Lead, Three UK; Sophina Bano, Quality Assurance Analyst, Three UK; Francesca Kipping, Technical Change Manager, Three UK; and Snehal Bhudia, Director of Propositions & Go To Market, Three Business UK

An Unconventional Path
with Annette Costello, Head of Consulting – Australia & NZ, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

The Rise of Tech in India
with Rani Gopalakrishnan, Managing Director, Accenture

The Role of CTO
with Alison Pain, EMEA Chief Technology Officer and SMF 24, Northern Trust

Transitioning into a Technology Role
with Tracey Fee, Senior Vice President – Senior Implementation Lead, Northern Trust

Surviving & Thriving as an Asian Woman in Tech
with Tribeni Chougule, Director, Inclusive Impact and Sustainability, Europe, Visa

Data is not Neutral…and Neither is AI!
with Triveni Gandhi, Responsible AI Lead, Dataiku

How Women in Tech Can Manage the Recruitment Process to Evaluate the Right Role and Organisation to Grow Their Career
with Jody Robie, SVP, Talent Works

Insurance Emerging Technologies
with Ralitsa Nenkova, Director, EY

A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer
with Chloe Williams, Software Engineer, DWP Digital; Shivangi Das, Software Engineer, DWP Digital; and Beth Lambert-Matthews, Software Engineer (L4 Apprentice), DWP Digital

Women of Colour in Tech
with Rehema Shabaya, Technology Delivery Lead, Accenture

with Fadeia Hossian, Tech Knowledge Lawyer, Technology, Media and Telecom Group, Clifford Chance

Net Zero & Purpose
with Penney Frohling, Partner, Financial Services, EY

People Data: How to Use Data for Better Outcomes for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Work
with Jo Stansfield, Founder & Director, Inclusioneering

The Global Energy Transition, and the Technology Behind It
with Kristen Sanderson, VP of Engineering, GE Digital

Is It Time to Remediate Cloud?
with Alina Timofeeva, Principal, Oliver Wyman

More Than Black Squares – Why All of Us Need to Dismantle the Barriers in Tech for Black People
with Annette Joseph MBE, Founder/CEO, Diverse & Equal

Accelerating Gender & Racial Equality in the Technology & Beyond
with Kweilin Ellingrud, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

Research Insights into Opportunities to Increase the % of Women in Tech
with Sue Phillips, President of Gender Balance Network, Ipsos & Global UU Service Line Leader, Insights for Impact

The Art of User Centric Innovation
with Dr Shruti Kohli, Lead Data Scientist, DWP Digital

How Women in Tech Can Manage the Recruitment Process to Evaluate the Right Role and Organisation to Grow Their Career
with Jody Robie, SVP, Talent Works

What Founders Need to Know When Approaching Investors
with Mumuksha Singh, Corporate Lawyer, CMS

The agenda is subject to revision.



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