One Tech World Conference Agenda


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The sessions featured on our stages are a mixture of live keynotes, live Q&A panels and ‘In the Lounge’ fireside chats.

The stages will be divided into four tracks – Innovation, Emerging Technology, You and Your Career, and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. We also have a ‘follow the sun’, on-demand stage for individuals joining us from other global time zones.

All sessions and panels are being recorded and will be available for ticket holders to play on demand for a period of 30 days.



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One Tech World - Innovation Agenda
  • Innovation Post-Pandemic - What's Here to Stay
  • Artificial Intelligence - Friend or Foe?
  • Panel: Emerging Technology with Senior Leaders
  • Machine Learning, What's New?
  • The Rise of Cyber Crime
  • Panel: Female Founders - Hear Us Roar!
  • The Road to Net Zero
  • Panel: Ethics and Technology with the Academics
  • Up in the Cloud
  • Top Trends in Fintech (Payments, AI, Open Banking, Biometrics, Blockchain)
  • Female Founders - Why the Lack of Investment?
  • Panel: Does Hybrid Working Stifle Innovation?
One Tech World - Emerging Technology Agenda
  • Emerging Technologies - Tech 2030 and Beyond
  • Can Space Tech Save the Planet
  • Will Quantum Up-End the Industry?
  • Panel: How Do We Regulate Tech?
  • The Rise of Drones
  • 5G and Beyond
  • Panel: The Futurist Talk Tech in 2050
  • The Rise of Robots
  • Crypto Currencies - The Then and Now
  • Panel: FemTech - A 60$ Industry
  • What's New for Wearables
  • Solving the World's Health Problems through Tech
  • Panel: C-Suite Share Their Predictions for the Future
One Tech World - You & Your Career Agenda
  • WeAreTechWomen's 2022 Survey Results - Removing the Barriers for Women
  • How to Balance Your Virtual and Physical World
  • Mentors, Sponsors - Who Do You Need and When?
  • Panel: Senior Leaders Share Their Top Tips for Career Success
  • Dealing with Burnout
  • The Road to Re-Invention
  • Panel: Post-50s Talk Tech Careers and Menopause
  • Saying No and Meaning It! The Art of Assertiveness
  • How to Remain Visible When Working from Home
  • Panel: Getting the Best Out of Hybrid Working
  • No Imposters Here - Saying Farewell to Your Inner Critic
  • How to Become a Speaking Sensation
  • Panel: The Power of Influence
One Tech World - Diversity & Inclusion Agenda
  • Addressing the Gender Gap in Tech
  • Disability and Tech Innovation
  • Fostering Neurodiverse Talent
  • Panel: The Importance of Male Allies
  • Is Menopause Draining the Tech Talent Pool?
  • Tech for Good - Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Panel: How Do We Get More Girls into Technology?
  • TechSheCan - Supporting the Next Generation
  • Tech Returners - How Do We Get the Women Back?
  • Panel: How Can Companies Be More Inclusive?
  • Supporting an Ageing Workforce - Ageism in Tech
  • Race in Tech
  • Panel: How to Be Inclusive to Diverse Talent Pools

The agenda is subject to revision.


There are also over 40 additional exclusive sessions that you will be able to access on our ‘follow the sun’ on-demand stage.

  • How to Raise Investments for Your Business
  • Women Supporting Women - Investing in Female-Owned Businesses
  • My Life in DevOps
  • My Career in Special Effects
  • The Life of an Inventor
  • How to Get into the Technology Industry
  • Transitioning into a Technology Role
  • Returning to a Tech Career
  • Train Yourself! Where Can You Find Free Training?
  • Trustees, Public Appointments, Boards - Where Do You Start?
  • Web Technologies
  • Where to Volunteer - Giving Your Skills to the Next Generation
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • How to be the Best Remote Leader
  • Acing Your First Leadership Role
  • Building Your Own Women in Tech Network
  • How to Build Your Network
  • Why Personal Brand Matters
  • How to be an Introverted Leader
  • Who Let the Dogs Out? My Career as a Founder
  • The Role of a CTO
  • The Role of a CIO
  • What Does a Data Scientist Do?
  • Should Blockchain be Centralised?
  • How Do You Get into AI?
  • How Do You Get into Cyber Security?
  • Making the Transition from Technical to Leadership
  • Building a Neurodiverse Team
  • Nurturing Future Generations in Tech with Tech She Can
  • The Rise of Tech in Africa
  • The Rise of Tech in India
  • Beating the Algo's - How to Eliminate Bias
  • The Importance of UX/Designer and Developer Integration
  • Automated UI Testing
  • Future of Web Development



Aside from networking opportunities on the conference platform, we’re inviting our delegates to join us on 31 March 2022 from 6pm – 8pm (BST), in our unique, virtual networking world. This bespoke space will enable you to create connections in our virtual Alpine bar, library, rooftop lounge, cyber world lounge, AI world lounge and our jobseekers’ lounges. Before you network, you can even join us in our meditation lounge to decompress the day before going out and making those all-important connections for the future.

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